18 Things to Do In 2018

So when I sat down today, scrolling through blogs endless new year’s resolution, I thought about mine. And I realized I had none. Yet, I wonder if I should. Here I am, writhing things to do rather than creating goals to accomplish. Here are those, 18 Things to do in 2018! 01| Wake up early.… Continue reading 18 Things to Do In 2018


​What I learned in 2017?

The first sunrise of 2018 was amazingly beautiful, as I can see on instagram. I was still sleeping when the sun was up. I was super tried after the New Year celebration but it was still a refreshing morning to life in.   We can’t turn back times but we wish we could. Wouldn’t it… Continue reading ​What I learned in 2017?

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Last Day of FashionValet in Brunei ’17

FashionValet knows me very well. Okay! This post is basically on what I did for the last few hours of FV in Brunei '17. This post is kinda dedicated to my beloved father. Thank you Dad and Happy (Belated) Birthday! This is just a short blog post cause I don't know how to express this… Continue reading Last Day of FashionValet in Brunei ’17

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Life | I didn’t expect to meet them

I never felt so starstruck in my entire life. Hey duckies!! I'm writing this to all duckies (+my loyal readers). I had another amazing night with my sister. We went to The Royal Duck Public Event to pre-order our Royal Duck scarf.I'm excited to touch the scarf. To be honest, I'm obsessed with the softness… Continue reading Life | I didn’t expect to meet them

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Update | BRB · Blog Break

Hey! It's the Girl (again!) with another blog post for my awesome readers. This is the last week of March and few days until school reopen but I still have to attend school tomorrow (extra class lesson #lifeasanexpress). I be right back, because I just remembered my unfinished homework that is due tomorrow. Also be… Continue reading Update | BRB · Blog Break