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​OOTD | The Days of Eid 2017

Alhamdulilah, I survived Ramadhan! Well I'm definitely missing that magnificent month. Insha Allah we will meet again next year, Ramadhan. Ramadhan only lasted 30 days, without food or drinks from dawn till' dusk each day. Exhausted every single day. Totally exhausted. But we made it. Syukur to our creator. I want to write 'I can't… Continue reading ​OOTD | The Days of Eid 2017

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Spinning For Real

I thought my sister was joking about bringing me at her spinning class. She insisted I join them. Day by day, I was thinking about spinning class. Thinking the feedback I will get. Asking my friend about what she knows about spinning. Here I am writing about my first ever spinning class and fashion related… Continue reading Spinning For Real

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​Confession of the hijab 

The girl in the green scarf confessed that she’s a shopaholic. The movie confection of a shopaholic amazed me to think the other side of the picture. We see that shopaholic love to waste money to buy useless stuff but to be honest, they were helping the economy to grow. Those shopaholic people did something… Continue reading ​Confession of the hijab 

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Food | 2016 Last Breakfast at Little Audrey’s

“Good Morning mam”, as I entered through the dream door. The last breakfast for 2016 was spent with my amazing mother and two beautiful sisters. To be honest, it was a forced morning for me to wake-up early then my usual wakeup time but it was worth it. As it was my oldest sister’s breakfast… Continue reading Food | 2016 Last Breakfast at Little Audrey’s