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School Life Begins

Hello Blogging World, I’m back after a month or so without any update for this blog. Since, it’s the first term of school holiday in Brunei. I’m hoping to write more and share more only here. I have totally lots of unwritten blog posts that I want to share with you. I was supposed to… Continue reading School Life Begins

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​Life | In August, August in life

Oh... No... We just finish August. The eight month of the year.   I want to cry and laugh at the same time while writhing this. It’s crazy that it’s already in September. Therefore, I have less than a month to prepare for my exam. My incredibly huge exam is coming up less than a… Continue reading ​Life | In August, August in life


​The Five ‘To Remember In Life’

I recently finished my O’level Qualifying exam and didn’t have the time to blog. Disappointing face. I realized I didn’t blogged much for the past two months due to Ramadhan, Eid celebration, school work and etc. I just want to write. Really want to write. Writing stop my tears. I been crying for the past… Continue reading ​The Five ‘To Remember In Life’


​Life | In June, June in Life

It's the middle of the year already.  It's the middle of life. It's the middle of memories. It's the middle of dreams. It's the middle of time. Honestly, nothing much happened in June. Nothing productive happened due to Ramadan, tiredness and my laziness. June started with the second week of Ramadan and the last week… Continue reading ​Life | In June, June in Life

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​OOTD | The Days of Eid 2017

Alhamdulilah, I survived Ramadhan! Well I'm definitely missing that magnificent month. Insha Allah we will meet again next year, Ramadhan. Ramadhan only lasted 30 days, without food or drinks from dawn till' dusk each day. Exhausted every single day. Totally exhausted. But we made it. Syukur to our creator. I want to write 'I can't… Continue reading ​OOTD | The Days of Eid 2017