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Dear Ramadan,

Dear Ramadan,  You came early this year. I’m happy, thanks to you! No School for a day! That’s the great thing about fasting month and my thoughts on Ramadan. But first I want to tell you Ramadan that… I’ve missed you tremendously. You are the month full of knowledge and realization. Your like a teacher… Continue reading Dear Ramadan,

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With Nur Iman | What if… 

Bismillah... What if… What if… you go to sleep, and that would be your last breath. What if… you go to school, and that would be your last time seeing your family as you walk out of your house. What if… you are reading this and this would be the last thing you would read.… Continue reading With Nur Iman | What if… 

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Reasons why to like modesty

Bismillah… It is strongly acknowledged already that we are to cover our aurah. In this matter, women in Islam are stressed on more. Why? Because women in Islam has a bigger priority to cover their aurah then men. Muslims today, particularly the female, has largely turn the other cheek towards this issue. By far, they… Continue reading Reasons why to like modesty

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Modest Fashion To Me

What does modest fashion means to me? Fashion is the trend. Fashion is around us. It is universal. We united because of Fashion although we have the difference. Difference by believes and religion. Modesty is in ourselves, not in religion. Modesty represent Muslim and Muslim represent islam. Our religion. I am Muslim and proud to… Continue reading Modest Fashion To Me

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​Confession of the hijab 

The girl in the green scarf confessed that she’s a shopaholic. The movie confection of a shopaholic amazed me to think the other side of the picture. We see that shopaholic love to waste money to buy useless stuff but to be honest, they were helping the economy to grow. Those shopaholic people did something… Continue reading ​Confession of the hijab