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Last Day of FashionValet in Brunei ’17

FashionValet knows me very well. Okay! This post is basically on what I did for the last few hours of FV in Brunei '17. This post is kinda dedicated to my beloved father. Thank you Dad and Happy (Belated) Birthday! This is just a short blog post cause I don't know how to express this… Continue reading Last Day of FashionValet in Brunei ’17

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Life | Sweet And Cute

I'm alone at last. I've been walking around empire hotel with my uncomfortable high heels. I found a place to blog. Finally.  So, my brother left without me. I'm here by myself. I'd decided to find a spot where I can be alone. I am really scared of the world. I don't know anyone. I… Continue reading Life | Sweet And Cute

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Life | I didn’t expect to meet them

I never felt so starstruck in my entire life. Hey duckies!! I'm writing this to all duckies (+my loyal readers). I had another amazing night with my sister. We went to The Royal Duck Public Event to pre-order our Royal Duck scarf.I'm excited to touch the scarf. To be honest, I'm obsessed with the softness… Continue reading Life | I didn’t expect to meet them

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L’orient 1st year anniversary

The entrance door was wide open to allowed people to enter. The indication on the board stated that this is place where L'orient was having their 1st year anniversary. The event was imbued with ostentatious decoration. There was a tree with golden leaves and bright fruit bulb. Incandescent neon purple well-lit the L’orient symbol. It… Continue reading L’orient 1st year anniversary