About Me

Oh Hi! My name is Amal Haziqah Hassan also known as an Ugly Duckling, currently 15 years old and perpetually dreaming. I’m a Young girl with big dreams who love to do everything and I’m still in high school currently pursuing my dreams. Dream is part of my life. I can’t live without it. Every day, every minute, every second I will think of my dreams for the future me. Cause I’m a dreamer.

I’m born and raised in South East Asian country, Brunei Darussalam. Although I’m born in Brunei Darussalam, I’m also Malaysian. That’s why I own that Malaysian look. Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia have similar language, which is Malay. So, my first language is Malay. English language is my second language and I studied French language for only two year. I understand a little bit of French. As you read this blog, please excuse my English language and its grammar. I apologized.

The story behind StarvingForFashion

I started this blog just for fun and some secrets in my heart. Growing up, I become curious. Learning and exploring my curiosity in life. Life is unpredictable and we just have to expect the unexpected. I didn’t expect to be curious in something that is so beautiful in life. It’s an art. It’s extremely interesting to be discovered. To be learned. To be inspired. Until one day, I realized that my interest in fashion is not just curiosity but its passion. Cause I’m starving for fashion.

Written by 15 years old amateur girl with huge dreams.

A Brunei-based fashion & lifestyle blog by Amal Haziqah Hassan.