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I Say Yatta X Infinitea

Let’s try something new, a food review. I wonder how this blog post turn out cause this is my first food review. I’m kinda excited to talk about food cause I’m starving right now. And looking back to the food photos (below) make me want to go there again.

So… on 21st July, I went to had lunch at I Say Yatta with my siblings. I chose the restaurant because I really want to try this place out. This restaurant was open last year and I finally got to try it out this year.

This place is insta-worthy enough with the neon lights. People take pictures with it all the time. Seriously, if you dine in there. You will definitely take a picture of it.

I say Yatta is working with infinitea. So, you can order the food from I say yatta and drink from infinitea at one cashier. There’s to many options to choose from Infinitea. I wish I can try all of it.

There’s our drinks, lce blended for my siblings and winter melon tea for me. Bandung, banana and milo ice blended was so good but can’t really bet the taste of my winter melon tea.

I apologize for my pictures, we were so hungry that time. I didn’t manage to get pretty pictures. I just click the camera and started digging in with my chop stick.

There’s not lots of options to choose from the menu. My sister, brother and I chose the exact same thing that is Salted Egg. As for my other sister, she choose something chicken I think. I can’t remember the name.

We also order Toufu stick and the mosy amazing beef cubes ever. I wanted to order the chicken cubes but sadly, it was not available that time. But who cares, I didn’t regret eating the beef cube. Even two stick isn’t enough for my oldest sister.

Overall, the food didn’t disappoint me. The drinks was quite refreshing as it was a very hot day as usual. The place is pricey in my opinion. Since it’s BN$50 just for 4 people to lunch. But thank goodness it was worth the money. Thank you brother for the lunch treat.

This is one short blog post. I try my best to write more food review. Cause there’s lots of new cafes and restaurants in town. Until the next food adventure!

Have you tried I SAY YATTA?


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