PTEM Eid Celebration

Another syawal month spent well. Raya Aidilfitri ended with lots of memories to be kept. How I will miss the best food that I can eat during eid season. And of course family, friends and even strangers create my twenty eighteen eid wonderful.

Speaking of raya, Merangang Sixth Form Center (Known as PTEM) my school had raya celebration last week on Saturday 14th July which was not in syawal month anymore. It was supposed to be on Thursday 12th July but due to book world day event, the school had to postpone it. But of course we had a blast even it was not celebrated within syawal month.

The eid celebration begins after period one which was maths lesson for me. We study maths with our fabulous baju kurung or cara melayu for the boys. It was the only day we’re given permission to wear something else other that our white school uniform which everyone look the same in it.

But that day was absolutely different. I can’t even differentiate which one is the teacher or students.

The event started late due to some problem but thanks to the MPP, they managed to sort things out before the clock strike 10. The teachers, senior students and junior students was gathered at the school lobby to enjoy wonderful performance by talented students while enjoying delicious food.

Here’s pictures before the event start…

The event started with a prayer and then a opening speech by our beloved principal. As she also introduce two new teachers. After that, the mpp students take over the stage with a welcoming malay poem. They also told the audience about the food and the upcoming performance that day.

There’s two food section, on the right side of the stage is the teacher’s food section and on left side is the student’s section. For the student’s section was “Live Cooking” of variety of food. I managed to get tokoyaki and noodles. I really want to get potato twies and kebab but the waiting quiet line was so freaking long. You must know.. the more I wait, the more hungry I can be. So, I get what ever I can eat. There’s also a table with bunch of foods that the students bring. There, I took one big bottle of coke to my table, so I don’t have to line up just to drink lemon tea. I hope next year, there will be no live cooking cause I’m tried waiting for food.

Enough on foods, let’s hope on into the performance that was shown during the celebration. I didn’t get the chance to watch the performance because I was busying searching for a plate and I sat at the very end of the lobby, so it’s hard to see the performance clearly from my view.

Here’s few pictures

I really want to write on PTEM BEST DRESSED that was inspired by Bash Harry’s Blog Post but I didn’t manage to capture the best dresser that day. Most of the best dressed are people I don’t know and I don’t know how to approach them for outfit shoots. Oh well there’s always next year, I hope I come.

Look at these pretty ladies, so lovely with their beautiful smile.

Let’s focus on Nayli’s dark purple kebaya. Kebaya is the trend this year, thanks to Dukun The Movie that bring back the love for a beautiful sassy look. I love that Nayli’s kebaya is made from lace fabric to add pattern and her gold pattern songket kain complement the golden flower attached on her kebaya.

Even abaya is treading now. Look at Aly’s purple pink abaya that caught my attention. The colours combination are perfect and love how flowy the abaya is. I’m sure it’s fun and comfortable to be in it.

Qamelya is wearing Zalia Dress. That is still available at Zalora website. She was pretty busy that day since she has PRR duty to do. And I think this dress is the perfect one for her. It matched her blue shawl and she’s always in the go to do her duty.

When Ummi walk her way in the class, I told myself that I have to get her outfit pictures. I really want to show her frozen looking skirt. The outfit does match her fun outgoing personality.

Why so pretty in pink syifa! Her outfit is simply yet fashionable. She was in one of the dance club performance that I didn’t get the chance to see but managed to get a peek while they were rehearsing it. The outfit totally match the soft tradition eid dance. Her skirt design was amazing. Look how elegant she is!

Jannah, woman in black I named her that day. She rock her outfit with all in black. What I love about her outfit is the black pumplem top that was cover with silver beads. When the sunshine was at her, the beads sparkle.

Last and probably the least, here’s what I wore to the Raya celebration.

I purchase this outfit from Zalora (as I share about my first zalora experience here) that was original label Zalia. I matched it with an orange sqaure shawl because it matched with the flower on the printed zalia baju kurung. I wil soon blog and share full outfit. Still remember I mention I went to Kampong Ayer with this outfit?

I think that’s it. I have lots of things to say more on that day itself but now it’s just one good memory I want to treasure. I was carefree and had a time of my life with my friends. They always make me smile and laugh. They always brighten up my days. Spending that day was lovely even when the weather was hot.

Before I end this, there’s still lots of pictures I want to share. A picture can mean a thousand words.

Here’s a special thanks to Wafiqah, my dearest friend from high school to PTEM. She’s the one who took all my pictures and the only one who can handle me being bossy with pictures without complaining. I even force her to come on that day since she’s the only one who understand me truly.

All in one, It was a day to be remembered. I enjoy the day even when the weather was super hot. But the hotness is distinguished by the jokes my friends made. I can’t wait for PTEM Eid Celebration next year, I hope only for the best. I wish to celebrate it with all my friends even exam mood is within us next year.

How’s your eid celebration?


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