First Zalora Experience

I still remember my oldest sister first ever zalora purchase in 2016. And then my other sister’s first zalora item. Both of them, start rewarding themselves with zalora for every work they done or when they discover a zalora’s sales. Zalora delivery keeps coming month after months.

Which I got curious.

I want to get excited when the delivery man bell the house. I want to feel the excitement of opening a package from zalora.

Zalora is South East Asia’s online fashion destination. It’s written on the bag shipped. That’s how I know. My sister is the one who introduce me to zalora. An Asian online shopping place that deliver to your door step.

On the three day of raya, I want to buy a baju kurung for school raya celebration. I need to look fabulous on that day cause it’s my junior year in PTEM. Which I properly going to blog if I capture worthy pictures to create a good content.

Let’s get back to zalora, my sister is the one who suggested me to buy at zalora cause you can cash & delivery. Even before raya start, I’ve been scrolling down their phone app and wonder when I will get my own.

I’ve been admiring Nish’s pictures on instagram that she wear something from zalora and I just want to own one. Thanks to zalora sales and my duit raya collection, I get to have my own.

They were having 70% off eid pieces. I purchase the same brand and same design as Nish but in different color and size. Clicking purchase was so exciting thing to do.

So here’s a sneak peek of the piece I got!

I can’t wait to blog in a separate blog post on this piece. To tell you the truth, when it first came and as I put it on me. I just can’t take it off. I’m just in love. I wore it twice already; first for my oldest sister’s open house (but didn’t take any pictures cause to busy with things to be done) and the second time, when I went house hopping with my sister’s and her friends. We went to Kampong Ayer where I took lots of pictures for them.

Talk about the clothes in the future, I need to tell you my thoughts and love to the item. I think it’s my current prize possession. Even when I can’t fit it anymore, I will still keep it as memories.

To sum up everything, I’m impressed with the service. I click order on sunday 17th june and it arrived on Friday 22nd june. They still keep they’re promise to deliver the package 3-5 day even when it’s eid season. I love how they have their own phone apps to do online shopping any where at any time.

I will totally use Zalora again especially when they have sales (which Is often). I’m looking forward for my next zalora purchase, when will it be? I wonder. Maybe my first school allowance perhaps.

Have you own anything from zalora yet?


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