Eid Mubarak 2018

I can’t remember what shawal today is *checking the calendar* oh! It’s still early. Today is 16th day of eid or Hari Raya. First Eid was on Friday, 15 June, around three week or so ago.

First thing first, I actually want to blog on my raya outfits (just like I did last raya 2017. The Best Blog Post Ever!!! I hope so) but sadly this is not that type of blog post. This is not an outfit blog post, but don’t close it yet. You haven’t read my raya 2018. Hopefully, I’m going to tell you this year raya celebration.

After a month of fasting from dust till dawn (also known as Ramadhan Month. Little did I write based on Ramadhan around a month ago) and then Eid came to reward us with many open-houses to get our tummy fixed and of course, not forgetting duit raya in those beautiful design money envelops. Progressive money envelops are so relatable and it show awareness too. I just loved it! Brunei local’s talents are awesome.

The Eid Eve was the last fasting day. The night was just simple, we break our fast and chill for a while (listen to raya song to get the raya vibes) and then around 8 we decided to head out. My family and I went to Nazmi Texta Mall just to check them out because they were having a special 50% off sales. Since my sister is getting married this August, why don’t get ready with our baju kurung for her wedding ceremony. I don’t want to promised that I blog about her wedding. I just hope I do. Don’t want to disappoint you all.

The next day was EID! As usual, we get ready. Wear our new baju kurung. Wear make-up. It took hours to get ready. The ladies in the house always fashionably late but it was worth it. Before we leave the house, we will ask for forgiveness and say Selamat Hari raya starting with the oldest to the youngest (that is me hehehe) and of course to collect duit raya from my parents and siblings. I don’t have to give anyone any duit raya because I’m the youngest. Being the youngest is great. After the salam-salam, we didn’t forget to do family pictures. Family picture is a must!

The house hopping begins with my grandmother’s house. We always go to her house on the first day. And this year is just simple yet enjoyable eid. My step grandfather just recently passed away in the middle month of Ramadan. My grandmother is still sad. I truly believe she still love him deeply. We all miss his present in our life.

After hours spent at my grandmother’s house, we went home to rest while waiting for the solat jumaat to finish. So we can continue with our house hopping. Around two in the afternoon we head to my grandfather’s house that is quite near to ours. We were the ones who arrived first. And yup, I ate Soto. But only had a bowl of it because I know there will be houses with more food. Every house was filled with laughter and enjoyment and of course photo taking.

I can’t share pictures of my family because it’s really personal and I don’t think my family want me to share personal things in public. So, just enjoy few pictures I’m willing to share. Most of the pictures are me in it hehehe.

If I’m not mistaken we went to 5 houses on the first day. Every house, there’s food. We went home early around 10. Because it was one tiring day and the weather was raining. So, it will be nice to just sleep and relax for the next day. I spent lots of family time with my love ones and I adore it. Spending time with your family is the best form of relaxation. I get to hear stories from both my grandparents. Learn something new about my family and getting along with them.

The second day of eid, we stay home all day long due to my father’s condition. He was feeling under the weather and went to the nearest clink to have it a check-up. Alhamdulilah, nothing’s serious. He was just really tired since he’s been working late for past few days before eid. He needs to drink more plain water. When eid come, you will defiantly drink different fizzy drinks at different houses. My advice just severed plain water at your house if you don’t have non-fizzy drinks. We stayed home so he can rest.

I’m telling you, the second day of eid was the tiring day of my life. I prefer going to people’s houses then people go to my house. When I go to someone’s house, I just have to sit and have the time of my life but when people go to my house, I have to severed foods and drinks to the guests and make sure I sever enough for the entire family.

Okay, let cut to the main highlight of the day. The second of eid (16th June) was my dearest cousin birthday. He has been talking about his birthday for the past few weeks even before we entre June. As siblings, decided to collect money to surprise him with a birthday cake. He was speechless about the cake but he still demanded for a toy present. This boy still wants toys.

That’s it. I want to talk more but there’s nothing interesting to talk. The other days of eid were just normal days. I enjoyed most of it as I laugh to all my family’s jokes. I ate too much. Drink Fizzy drinks too much. Sleep less than ever before. Of course, I’m looking forward for next year raya so I can do only the things I get to do in eid such as eat every types of kuih and go to the next house for the food I regret not eating at the previous house. With That, Selamat Hari Raya!


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