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Kampong Girl

What does it takes to be a Kampong Girl? Is it simply a girl who lives in a Kampong area?

Oh.. oh.. Balik Kampong!

It’s almost raya! Just a day (or two) of fasting and then the next thing is Eid. Or I love to say ‘RAYA!’

After a month of fasting, we celebrate it with eid. The time when you can eat anything you want. I’m craving for my grandfather’s soto. I can’t wait to eat three bowls of soto. Eid please come faster!

Let’s #ThrowBack for a while to reflect a eid memories.

Oh look at this girl. That’s me, three years ago. How time flies! This picture bring lots of memories. It was during eid 2016.

It was my first ever #OOTD. You can tell by the way I look at the camera and how I posed. (I’m still finding my angle pose now, hehe). I was still new to the hastage. I would say she’s a sweet clueless girl cause she don’t know what her life turn out in the future. [Hey! You’re a blogger, Girl!] Just to make things clear Starvingforfashion still haven’t existed when this picture was taken. Starvingforfashion was created few months after this picture. And guess where she’s now, here writing for you.

This picture was taken in my grandparent’s house in kampong, my father hometown. We decided to celebrate eid with my grandfather that year, 2016 after my grandmother passed away. It was the first eid without my grandmother. My father’s siblings also were there to celebrate eid with my grandfather. It was one fruitful week of Eid. I’d enjoy it!

In the morning of the first day of eid that year, after solat Aidil-Fitri, all of us were in the living room to salam-salam and minta maaf. It started with the oldest child to salam with my grandfather and followed by my father and his younger siblings. They were tears dropping and all of us started to cry cause my grandfather said that our grandmother will be happy to see us all here together, as a family. On that moment, I wish my grandmother was there and I know she’s watching us. She always be there with us. How I miss her so much!

a picture is like a poem without words

I love eid cause it bring back good memories. Eid is the same every year, the thing that make it different is when the people you usually spend it with is no longer there. This year, my step-grandfather (from my mother’s side) won’t be celebrating eid with us anymore. He passed away weeks ago and still left a mark in our life. For me, eid reunite us as a happy family. No matter how far we are, family will always be a part of our life.

I’m blessed that I got to celebrate eid with my family this year although we’re not sure if we’re going to go elsewhere to celebrate eid. I’m totally sure that we’re going to celebrate the first day of Eid in Brunei. Are you ready to see my raya outfit? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @starvingforfashion so you don’t miss a thing.

My heart will always be in Kampong. Waking up very early and sitting at my grandfather’s chair on the balcony. Breathing in fresh air. And sometimes I watch my grandfather feed his chickens. And sometimes my father will bring my grandfather and I to the fish market. Just the three of us, buying fish to cook. I love sandakan fish market. It’s quite clean and you can find any kind of fish you want there. Any fish.

Although I’m not going back to my Kampong this year. I’m still a Kampong girl. I’m proud to say I’m a kampong girl at heart and my favorite rice is ‘Nasi Goreng Kampong‘. Two perfect combination. I love kampong vibes and hope you do too.

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone! I wish and hope you spend wonderful time with your family and friends. Let’s close a book and start a new one. So, Kosong-kosong okay!

Balik Kampong mana tahun ni?


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