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I am also like you, a blog reader. That’s one of the reason why I decided to open this space. To share and to connect with people around the world. To know people’s perspective. To gain knowledge of understanding.

Ever since I start blogging, I become curious to know about blogger’s background. I decided to ask few questions based on my curiosity to my favorite blogger. So, I direct message a local Bruneian blogger on instagram and she agree to answer my questions. I’d introduce to you the lady behind TheBloomingChick, MizaMirfiqah

Let’s get into The Q&A…

Mal Ziq: Let’s start with, What do you do?
Miza Mirfiqah: Well I’m currently pursuing my study in unissa taking higher national diploma, syariah criminal law as my major. Sounds scary but I honestly love it hehe. Other than that I’m also trying to juggle a blog, which is so dear to me as it is an escape realm for me from reality ☺

Mal Ziq: Describe yourself in few words
Miza Mirfiqah: Ahh this is kinda hard haha..but I think I’d go with quirky yet overprotective 🤣

Mal Ziq: when and why did you start blogging?
Miza Mirfiqah: Honestly I’ve been an avid blog reader since I was around 11 years old (my first fav blogger was Mr.Kurapak 😂) and I actually had countless of blogs back then but unfortunately they did not make it alive hahaha. But only back in 2016 I decided to take blogging seriously with thoughts of having it to share my love for fashion and to encrypt my memories there so I can reread and relive the moments back whenever I want to. So then thebloomingchick was born ❤

Mal Ziq: How did you choose your blog name?
Miza Mirfiqah: My blog name is actually the combination of my first dUCk L.E, the blooming peonies (which I cried during the battle, the need to always remember this haha) and also my favourite food, chicken! But chicken sounds funny so I just took the Chick out haha and so tadaaa! thebloomingchick made it as my blog name! :>

Mal Ziq: what is your favorite thing about blogging and what is your favorite topic to blog?
Miza Mirfiqah: I love love love how therapeutic blogging is! whenever I’ve tangled thoughts or stories to be kept forever, I’d go in front of my laptop and just immerse into the blogging world and after that I’d feel at ease and contented ❤ I think it’s because I love to share things too, like sharing how to style clothes and my favourite brands just so people can get it too. I want my girlies to feel pretty and confident in what they wear hehe. My favourite topics (I just cannot choose one haha!) have got to be fashion and my everyday life, these two topics never fails to make me feel all giddy while writing them down ☺

Mal Ziq: what is you blogging accomplishments?
Miza Mirfiqah: So far I’ve yet to accomplish major things but I do have some people who approached me and told me how they love reading my blog and found it really motivating. That itself is enough to make me feel over the moon and also made me feel motivated continue on doing what I do hehe

Mal Ziq: and how has blogging changed your life (if It has)
Miza Mirfiqah: I made more friends! Although they’re often shy to directly approach me (I don’t bite ok haha). Also it made me become an even more opinionated yet open minded person I’d say. And I finally have another “world” for me to “escape” from time to time ☺

Mal Ziq: What do you feel when people know you as Theblommingchick?
Miza Mirfiqah: It feels weird honestly haha because I never thought people would notice me and my blog. But I do like it though hahaha it makes me feel unique :>

Mal Ziq: The next question is, Tips or advice for other blogger or newbies
Miza Mirfiqah: Hmm I’m not really a pro in blogging so I don’t really know if this is going to be a good advice haha but if you want to write, write genuinely from your heart ❤ Also if you have stories to tell, write it as soon as possible or else you will have piles of pending posts to write (like me 🤣). Other than that, just be your true original self ☺

Mal Ziq: okay.. hehe! Who’s your favorite blogger or instagram influence? could be more than one
Miza Mirfiqah: Obviously an avid reader of Proudduck! Other than Vivy, my favourites are Asma’ (love love love her photography skill), Raja Nadia, Nisha Ezzati and Lilia (lilylikecom) hehe

Mal Ziq: when did you get interested in fashion?
Miza Mirfiqah: It was back in late 2014 when I first purchased my Naelofar hijab and abaya, then I realised that I love wearing and expressing myself thru pretty clothes. Ever since then I got myself hooked and would find myself searching for outfit inspirations, mainly from my all time favourite fashion muse Neelofa hehe ❤

Mal Ziq: what is your favourite fashion trend?
Miza Mirfiqah: Ruffles!!! I’m still obsessed with it up until now hehe

Mal Ziq: what is your most prized possessions? (plus Picture)
Miza Mirfiqah: Definitely this jar full of little quotes from my bestfriends that I got for my 18th birthday hehe

Mal Ziq: lazy day style tip?
Miza Mirfiqah: Always go for an oversized blouse and tuck in the front part for that effortless style ☺

Mal Ziq: Last but not least, what do you think of Starvingforfashion so far?
Miza Mirfiqah: I’m actually one of your readers too hehe and I love how original your contents are!! It shows clearly that blogging is one of your passions and I hope you won’t ever stop even though blogging can get really stressing and overwhelming at times. I also admire how brave of a person you are (approaching big people??? I don’t think I’d be able to do that unless it’s otherwise hahaha) and you also knew what you want and go after it. Those are the qualities that I love about StarvingForFashion, so don’t ever stop blogging okay ❤

Over all, it was a great text-interview. I get to know her even more than just reading her blog. I got to say that she’s really funny. And I hope to meet her in person one day, maybe in events or perhaps local makeup store. Please do check her blog out and her instagram. You will surely fall in love with her beautiful words, as I do.

What question will you ask to a blogger?


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