No Instagram photos

The straggle is real if you want to up your game on instagram. Taking beautiful pictures to creating that amazing instagram feed. Having your own instagram husband or boyfriend to take your outfit shoots.

My problem about instagram is that I have no pictures to post. That’s my main problem. I don’t take pictures every day, I mean instagram worthy pictures. As most of my time in life, I spent it most in school; wearing the same outfit with the other people for five day in a week. Dress code much!

How can I post pictures when there are no pictures to post?

You need to know what your instagram is worth for and what you want to show to your viewers when they visit your instagram page account. Posting outfit shoots are a must if you’re instagram account is for fashion inspiration or to show your fashion sense through pictures. But forget to do flatlay too. I love flatlay!

I’m currently trying to create an instagram feed for my instagram (Give me a follow on instagram @starvingforfashion) with the help of Syaf, the girl behind camera for the pictures in this blog post. The pictures taken in this blogpost is from the women’s heart day. I didn’t add them in that blog post because I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures content for any of my blog post, and it’s true. Hehehe

I think that’s all I can say. No pictures for instagram. I hope anyone will be willing to take my picture in any condition. Cause I don’t have professional instagram husband or boyfriend. That’s why I always boss my sister and friends to take my pictures. Hehehe I feel sorry for them. here’s to more photo taking!

Any pro tips?


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