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aereFAITH Eid Collection

Truth be told, I’m absolutely excited for Eid. I’m looking forward for Eid every year. It’s that time of the year to house hopping, snack binge-ing and sometimes awkward silences when you don’t know anyone. Eid is also about the heritage and tradition. Clothes included. You still need to wear that baju kurung or that baju Melayu no matter how the fashionable it is. The clothes have changed not a little but a lot. We have to believe in our heritage. Have faith in the heritage. I did post on why Eid is significant to me and that was written almost a year ago. Now, here I am writing for 2018 Eid.

As I’m scrolling down my instagram, @fashionvalet is already in raya mood #TimeRayaJe and releasing those amazingly breath-taking clothes for Eid. Seriously, I can’t wait for fashionvalet Eid popup store in empire happening this Wednesday. Should I skip class for it? Let just see. 😉

I’m also looking forward for aere eid collection this year. I got my eyes on this one aere baju raya which I don’t know if my father will agree with me buying it. It’s just a simple elegant design, but the fabric is made from exclusive Japanese hounds tooth lace fabric. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Enough about that, let’s get to aere eid collection in details…

aere is back with their fourth eid collection! As they know what women (and this girl) love, they present to us Faith Collection. They stated that faith collection is a reflection of their strength and perseverance in delivering what they believe in. This really is presented in their clothes as I can see.

A reflection of aere’s aesthetic and signature designs, the faith collection showcases aere’s unique quality of being versatile yet totally identifiable.

What I love about aerefaith collection is that they are using different types of fabrics for each design. From customized geometric prints, lace, tweed, sequins to houndstooth. Can you guess I’m into fabrics? One day I want to visit a fabric factory, just to see how fabrics are made. I know I can search it up on the internet but that’s a different case.

RAENA Duo plays on the classic handkerchief cut finishing. Featuring a slightly sheen houndstooth patterned premium Japanese fabric. REANA is a stand out, minimalistic piece. It is available in navy blue, olive and khaki. I LOVE the pattern on this fabric. This design for me is very fun to wear because it looks like a peplum top but it’s not. And I always play with my peplum top. It’s so enjoyable! I would spend my money on the navy blue RAENA Duo other than the other colour. But I can only choose one outfit. Decisions have to be made.

ROWENA Duo, the dramatic piece. The hi-oi gathered detailing on the hemline is complemented beautifully by the minimalistic sleeve and skirt. This is also made from Japanese fabric premium patterned. This design is available in black and silver. At first when I saw this on fashionvalet website, I wasn’t impressed the front design but the back design is so dramatic. This is so worth the price! Look how the cutting is. How it follows your body shape and the back just amazed people. I can see myself wearing this and taking my outfit shoots. It’s going to be amazingly fantastic. Or would it be amazingly dramatic?

RAINE Duo in off white is my second best so far in this aerefaith collection. I wish this design is available in other colour because I can be clumsy in white. I don’t want to get ‘Kuah Kacang’ on this baju when I eat that delicious Ketupat. What I love about this design? It comes with a detachable sash. I’m totally going to use that. I love ribbons since I was a little girl and obsessed with bow hair clips back then.

I’m saving this for the last because it’s my best aerefaith collection so far. Vivian Duo in Navy Blue made of exclusive Japanese houndstooth lace fabric. I need this to be in my closet. I hope and pray by the time I go to the pop store; this will be available in my ‘extra small’ size. Usually the ones I want will sold out or not be available in my size. So, my hands are wide open if you want to buy this for me. Someone still owns me a birthday present. I can’t stop thinking about Vivian Duo. It stole my heart.

All the pictures are from FASHIONVALET website, you can check aere site HERE for more details on the collection. You can also keep update with aere on their instagram page and do follow them for inspiration.

To end this aerefaith collection blog post, I’m going to end it with a quote by the creative director of aere, Raja Nadia Sabrina.

“Faith often leads the way in what would otherwise be a scary situation. It is invisible and intangible, but it is ever present. Life is not meant to be easy. Fear and doubt may exist, but faith will lead the way”

She’s an inspiring person who motivates me to dream big and chase that dream. Every word she ever spoken and written has always stuck in my head as I wonder the small and big things in my life to be grateful of, no matter how painful or wonderful it can be. Every pain and every joy is the things that make us stronger and be fearless. I have faith in her and in everything she does to make aere successful. I just can only hope and pray for them. I’m also hoping she will turn out again for this year pop store.

I think I’m going to do a part two for aere new collection. Because there’s some design from the faith collection aren’t release yet. I hope it will be soon because this one printed fabric got my attention when I watch their instastory for aere’s eid runway. Oh, they’re also releasing their own hijab label and can’t wait to get my own. To more aere collections!!!


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