How’s school life?

My best friend asked me. I didn’t know what to reply. Cause school is just school; wearing the same outfit with everyone else five days a week, doing school work, essays and that average student would do.

But if you changed the question into how’s life in school? The answer would be different. Since this is my first year in a new school. It’s quite challenging yet interesting at the same time. I have to remember my classmate’s names. As I have four subjects in total, my classmates are different from one subject class to another. I feel so embarrassed to ask my classmates their name twice. They might label you as forgetful person. I don’t want to be label as that although it’s the truth.

Since it’s A’ level no more O’ level, its quiet tiring to be honest. It is tiring mentally and physically. Every day I have to walk, because my class are in every level for each subject. I seriously get annoyed when the teacher gets mad at me just because I’m five minutes late. I have to go from the ground floor to the third floor just to get to her class. I wish I can use the lift but “students are not allowed to use the lift’. And the school is so freaking hot, only selected classroom have air-conditioner. With that case, I need bring my mini-fan everywhere I go. Because I usually spent my break-time, personal study period and lunch time at the canteen table or lobby table, depends on that day itself. We’re not allowed to eat in the classroom. The classroom is only use for studying and gaining knowledge. I want to eat in the classroom but sadly I can’t.

I have homework every day. This is not a joke. I have to do maths homework every day. Even my friends know this. Every morning I do my unfinished work and they are like “Math?” Today math, tomorrow math and guess what’s for next week? MATH! I’m still managing my time for my blog life and student life, as I have four subjects. I need to be fair to four of my subjects. I don’t want to regret or feeling guilty for not doing my essays, just because I have to do that life challenging maths questions.

Wait; is this a complained blog post? It sounds like it. Just to make it clear, not everything about school is bad. There are also good and great things about going, living and breathing in school.

I’m blessed for the school canteen. The foods are super delicious but I do have a problem with the portion of the food. It’s so little for a girl who eats a lot like yours truly, Hehehe! My school usually do food charity sale or maybe group project sale for the business students. I didn’t buy anything when they did it because sometimes the ones I want always sold out. Just like that Oreo pudding. Now I feel like eating one.

Making friends are hard for me at first cause I was that shy girl in the beginning. But most of my closest high school friends said I’m really friendly, kind of person. It’s just that awkward moment when you don’t know what to say to the people you know nothing about. Especially boys, it’s my first time after four years in only-girl school. I’m no longer closet with my male religion- school friends. We never talk or even text ever since the graduation celebration ended.

When I come out of my shy shell, I’d start talking to my classmate from different subject classes. Getting to know them more and try to seek help if I didn’t understand in class or I forget to do my homework (but I didn’t copy their work, they sometimes copy mine). Day after day, that awkwardness becomes extinct in thin air. My classmates became amazing friends; they make me smile and laugh every day. We don’t text each other every day but we still understand each other in every way. Trying to help a friend in need and listening to their stories. I hope my new friends can accept for who I am as I am willing to care and appreciate them at my best or worst or even at theirs. As we try to motivate ourselves every day without letting our emotion crash us down.

Lastly, I want to thank every organiser of any events in school for creating a great job on their events. I’m looking forward to more celebration, event and awareness support. In this blog post, all the pictures are taken on spring day. By the way, thank you so much Waf for taking my picture. I was so bossy because I don’t want anyone in my shoots. My pictures need to be just me hehehe!

To finish up, I want to thank everyone for reading this blog post, No matter if you a silent reader or the ones who leave a comment down below. I appreciate each and one of you. As for the ones who follow me here on WordPress or any of my social media, I sincerely apologized for my absentees. Thank you for staying loyal to this blog and please do leave your blog or website down in the comments. So I can check it out. I will try my absolute best to blog as Ramadhan and Eid is around the corner and every one are excited including me.

With that I end it here. Salam Rindu!


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