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Sunday | Women’s Heart

In celebration of international women’s day, Jerudong Park had an event to celebrate and share the achievement of women in Brunei with the title Women’s Heart.

As I saw the poster on instagram, I’d straight away text Syaf. Since its school holiday, everyone is bored at home and I was too. And I hope Syaf was too. It feels like ages since I meet Syaf. We’re both been busy with school life. She’s currently focusing on her O’level and as for me; I’m adjusting my life at a new school. Although we are far apart, we still keep in touch with each other, talking about school, fashion and photography. She’s the one who edit my pictures to create my dream pictures theme on instagram.

We came there just in time. The performance started with this guy playing his violin, if I’m not mistaken. His instrument looks like violin to me. He played it so deeply powerful. And then suddenly, my friend, Inah (@inahcheku in instagram) surprised me and gave me a hug. She’s one of Bruneian local singer and I got to say her voice stole my heart. I know she going to perform that day from her instagram and we did text the day before and on that day itself.

The weather was pretty hot that the floor was like on fire. We had to seat down on the floor because there was no chair. But we enjoy the performances by local female singers although it was hot. The ladies who performed are wonderful.

We had short break for 30 minutes before Inah’s performance. I’m excited for her performance because this is the first time I’m watching her live performance. Her cover videos she posted on instagram are incredible. I’m looking forward for her performance.

Syaf and I decided to go for walk around the jerudong park garden within the 30 minutes of break. And then, Syaf spot this place to do our mini photoshoot. She’s the best! The location was nice because there’s no one there but us. So, I can pose like wanna be model. It was a bit awkward since it’s been a while I had photoshoot with Syaf. And I have lack of poses. Hehehe… The natural light was so lovely although I can’t focus much. The sunlight was in my eyes. The weather was incredibly hot.

While waiting for the performance to begin, we hang for a while there and talk about school. Since, I used to study at the same high school as her and the principle has changed when I left the school. Syaf even asked me about O’level and how I managed to get out of high school. Well, it’s hard to explain since last year was a tough year for me. I’m thinking of sharing it here, so you know who I struggle to be the person I am today and how I accept things that happen to me within short period of time. Insha Allah, if I have time and inspiration to blog… I will.

We went back to see the next performance by @inahcheku my friend and other local singers who are also amazing. She’s saved us a bench, so we don’t have seat on the floor. It was way more comfortable than sitting on the floor. I know the floor was still on fire. Sunday afternoon is usually the hottest weather of them all.

Inah sang mostly Malay songs. She sang the song like it’s her own song. Her voice stole my heart. I just don’t want her to stop singing. She’s really talented. Why didn’t she show her talent in school? She’s awesome! I will absolutely go to watch her perform in the future, Insha Allah.

Here are pictures of us together. I wish I could stay even longer to watch the performance until the end. But sadly I had to go. It’s okay because I had fun with Syaf. It was great to spent time with her.

Over all, the performance was fantastic. I enjoyed the day and I hope Syaf was too. Here are some pictures from @jerudongpark instagram.

What other better way to end the weekend than met up with your girlfriends and enjoy local talent’s performances. I really enjoy my Sunday afternoon with amazing ladies especially Syaf. She’s an amazing friend and fantastic photographer. She supported me as starvingforfashion since day one. She’s the true woman in my heart. I’m truly lucky to have Syaf as a friend who is there for me. She never say no when I asked her to hang out with me. You need to find a friend like Syaf, that friend who accept you for who you truly are. Appreciate them and adore them.

Who’s your woman in your heart?


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