My Personal Goals For 2018

Yes! I know it’s the forth Saturday of January and I just set my goals. It’s not too late to start or it’s better late than never. I found this tweet stated that…

I decided my 2018 will start on February 1st. January is a free trial.

I agree whoever to write that tweet. January is my planning month and a little bit of Netflix TV show, and also writhing. Just relaxed and take a chill pill!

After I read my 2017 goals, I gave it a second thought for this year goals. I was optimistic when I wrote those goals down and realized I managed to tick it of the list. I’m proud of myself for accomplishing those goals and thought of having goals for this year.

Here, are the five personal goals that this girl wishes to cross off her list in 2018

01| Start Planning

Planning is the key. I didn’t have any daily planner last year but I did plan my life as a student which was awesome. I organized and schedule when I study and have breaks. It does help me a lot and I thought why not I make a daily planner and a blog planner which could help me sort of things as Haziqah and as starvingforfashion girl. I have two planners for my student life and blog life. I don’t want it to be just one planner cause as I said, to be organized.

02| Consistency

I need to start things slow but steady. This is also my 2017 goals and I want to keep it going until it turns into a habit. This goal applies to me, not just as a blogger but also as a student and a human-being. I need to wake up on time and sleep early when I start my life as a student again. As a blogger, I need to find time to write and take photos. I need to post it on time. Being consistent as whomever I am that day.

As for usual, I will be posting a newly fresh blog post every Saturday. Do check it out! But if the internet is running low, then I have to post it on Wednesday or Monday. In whatever day the Wi-Fi works.

03| Find Focus in Blogging

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel sometimes I’m lost or they call it blogger’s block. I have no inspiration to write, most of the time or maybe because I have nothing to share on.

I hope things changed, because I love writing. This blog is already a part of my life. I can’t give it up because I know I worked hard for this. It was my dream to have my own blog and write my random thoughts and show it to the world. Now I own it, I should live it.

04| Collaborate

I really want to create this blog as a place I can work with people and communicate with other bloggers or talented people. I have been to fashion events and really wanted someone who has an interest in fashion to go with me. If you’re a local Brunei fashion blogger or photographer who wants to collaborate with starvingforfashion, please email me at

05| Travel

Still there and will always be in my list everywhere. Travel is an adventure of life. I want to travel forever. The world is so big for a girl for me to live in and I want to discover every country. I’m looking forward to travel with my family and friends, to the place I never set foot before.

Books can bring me to another world or another live. It plays in mind with words that can bring my soul to another place. I adore books cause it’s an a adventure through pages of papers. I want to buy lots of books to add to my collection and do a reviews for you.

January is the time for a fresh start and I hope I can be optimistic as I usually do when it comes to another new year. New Year, New Life.

What are your goals for 2018?


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