18 Things to Do In 2018

So when I sat down today, scrolling through blogs endless new year’s resolution, I thought about mine. And I realized I had none. Yet, I wonder if I should. Here I am, writhing things to do rather than creating goals to accomplish.

Here are those, 18 Things to do in 2018!

01| Wake up early. Cause you don’t want to miss out the beautiful sunrise again.

02| Travel. Travel somewhere, anywhere.

03| Take pictures with meaning. Capture those moments with your family and friends. Take pictures anywhere, anyplace.

04| Go to the park and take that long walk you always want to do.

05| Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or latte at café you never been to.

06| Enjoy alone time, you don’t need people to be happy.

07| Listen to new music. Any music that can make your lips moves, even when you don’t know the meaning to.

08| Dance alone in your room. Play that music loudly. Go crazy!

09| Fall in love. Not with someone, just something.

10| Reduce time on social media; you don’t have to post pictures on instagram every day.

11| Smile more, even when you are unhappy. A smile can brighten your life.

12| Wake up in the middle of the night. Write those thoughts out.

13| Go up and down the stairs. It’s the only thing you can do to live that healthy live you always wanted.

14| Read books. It could also be the book you have read before. Or the books your sister wants you to read.

15| spent your money on things that make you happy. Buy that cute sock you been eyeing on. It looks adorable on you.

16| Work hard for a better life but don’t forget to have fun

17| Take breaks even when you know you shouldn’t.

18| Open your life for new experiences and opportunity.

Things I know I’m going to do and the things I should do to make my life even brighter than before. There’s no expectation for this year. I just hope it can be even great and memorable than it could ever be.

What will you do in 2018?


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