What I learned in 2017?

The first sunrise of 2018 was amazingly beautiful, as I can see on instagram. I was still sleeping when the sun was up. I was super tried after the New Year celebration but it was still a refreshing morning to life in.

We can’t turn back times but we wish we could. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could?

As the very first post of 2018, I want to write something based on my previous year, twenty seventeen and here are bits of what I learned in 2017. This is going to be mostly emotional to me because the previous year had given me lessons to be learnt. It’s kind of hard to express in words.

Theres reason for everything |

I questioned a lot about life in the previous year, with or without me knowing the answer. I sometimes blame myself for not knowing the answers to my questions. And then, I realized that everything happened for a reason. Sooner or later, the truth to question will show up without even realizing it. It will come in sort of ways. We just keep our eyes open.

Every success, failure, downfall and everything, there’s a reason. Life is not perfect. We’re just human. I learn that the reason is not really important. All we have to do is live life, knowing there’s an explanation for life.

Im not alone|

I’m surrounded with amazing human-beings who are there even when I don’t want them to. They annoyed me and that’s why I love them. Knowing I’m not alone in the big blue world is a blessing. Friends and family are there for me, to be with me in my ups and downs of life. They are there to support and love me with their truly heart. I never felt alone.

In the Al-Quran, stated that our creator will always be there for us, in every moment in our life. Allah will watch and listen to everything we do. I believe in that. Knowing that Allah is there, I feel secure. I don’t feel lonely.

Time is there |

Time will always be there. So, work hard on everything time by time. Just work slowly, there’s no need to rush. It’s better to just take your time. Knowing that the clock will never fade, I know there still time.

Time change, people change and time change people. There’s time where I am energetic; the time when I write and draw beautifully on my notes. And there’s also times when I am lazy bed girl, the time I just print or do at the last minute.

There you go my bits that I learned in twenty seventeen. It was one heck roller-coaster ride of life. I cried most of it out but didn’t write it out, because not everything I can express it with words. Sometimes, we need to let it go and learn to forgive and say goodbye.

In every lesson, don’t forget to live it with a smile or a little laugh.

Dear twenty eighteen, Here’s to another year of learning and self-discovery. To gained more experience in life and open up more opportunities. Only take the goods and learned to accept things in life.

What did you learn in 2017?


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