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2017 | 365 Sunsets

The sky turns yellow and reddish hues. As if the sky was on fire. The clouds turn cotton candy, as though it blushed at the warm touch of the sun. Then the sun sink to who knows where.


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2017 is Life-changing, noteworthy and spectacular; the three words that I would use to sum up this one heck of a year. Let’s wrap up my 365 sunsets in 12 months…



~ It was a fresh start for me as a blogger where I decided to focus on fashion and life. Managing time as a blogger and student isn’t a problem at first but it can get tricky.

~ I went to Labuan for the first time and it was fantastic. I didn’t blog about that but I sure did include it on January in life.




~ Went to my first fashion event by L’orient, unexpectedly known by the director itself. Meeting new people and experience the life as a fashion blogger. It was spectacular. You can check it out at L’orient first anniversary.



~ Reunited with friends that I miss dearly and never felt that happy to take my ugama results. I regained memories when I was there surrounded with friends I care.

~ Meet Tasha unexpectedly and saw Fadza as cashier man at FashionValet pop up shop. Why was I there? Well… I bought tickets to watch Surga Tak Dirindui at The Mall Cinema and I arrived there very early. So early, that I can try out some pretty clothes (Can that is the excuses? Well, yes future me) and I did, it was amazing! My sister bought me clothes there and I’m grateful for it my dear sister.



~ It was unexpected to meet amazing ladies especially Vivy Yusuf. It was surreal to stand next to her as she touches my shoulder for a picture. Read it more HERE.

~ My dearest cat, Oreo gave birth to three kittens. They are now almost big as their mother and naughty as ever be. In the pictures shown, they are one month old. They were so cute but now, they just annoyed me every day. I still and always will adore them.

~ Had a birthday dinner for my brother as we surprise him with cake and present. He turned twenty two, just like Taylor Swift’s song.



~ Went spinning for the first time and it’s was also the last spinning for 2017. It was great! I still remember I jump my victory after the spinning class but then the next day, my body was in a lot of pain. I demanded to go see a doctor but my sister said it’s going to be fine in a couple of days. It was not days, it was weeks of pain. I can’t even run. I still remember a teacher asked me if I needed help to go down the stairs as she sees me walking down in a weird way.
~ Ramadan started in the last week of May, which I did blogged it somewhere here.

~ Meet Raja Nadia Sabrina on the first day of FashionValet Eid popup where you can read it more HERE. I also went there with my family on the last day of May to shop for Raya. It’s never too late to shop!


~ It’s my parent’s birthday month and it was also Ramadan month. We celebrate their birthday at newly open restaurant that served spicy tom yam soup. Same restaurant, different day and different cake flavour. Cakes!!

~ Raya Celebration has begun. It’s the season to dress up and eat lots good food without people knowing that you went to lots of Open Houses before theirs.



~ Watch Spiderman Homecoming with my sister and bought my little minion. I love Empire Cinema because they have VIP seats.

~ Raya Celebration was still in action in this month, in school and my house. Take pictures of us with food is a must in school.



~ Successful doing self-photography for just two days. It was a bit tiring but it was fun.

~ Celebration and surprise is a must for this month as it is both of my sister’s birthday months and also my parent’s anniversary is on August. It was a fantastic month to eat lots of cake.



~ It wasn’t a great month as you can read September in Life. Tears keep going out. I scream as loud as I can until my voice cracked. Thinking I was not good enough. Thinking life is unfair. Soon, I realized that life isn’t going to changed itself. I have to change my life, and then it will change. I killed all those negative feeing and thoughts inside of me. I know that I will, definitely make myself proud.


~ The best month of every year for me and now, for StarvingForFashion also. This month mark as our birthday month. Created and born on this very month.

~ October Stress! My O’level Examination started the day after my birthday. What a great month?!



~ As the first week of November, I’m still head to toe with exam. The rest of the November was excellent, Celebrating freedom with my friends at school as we play and eat good food.

~ I was invited to fashion event WomenOfHaya by it director itself. I met new faces, amazing people, and inspiring talk and see my aunty do a makeup tutorial for the first time.



~ As this month is the last, I spent it with my family going back and forth between Malaysia and Brunei, two countries. Taking pictures and enjoying good food with them.


I’m trying to remember 2017 and I’d succeeded, most of it I think. There are lots of memories to be remembered in one year, 12 months, 365 days.

It feels like 2017 happened so fast but thankfully it ended slowly, as I can enjoy my last few hours of 2017 with my entire family at my house, eating steamboat and celebrating my grandmother’s birthday.


Tomorrow is the first sunrise for 2018.


Fashion, friends and families, all play a major part in making this a magnificent year and I hope we can bring the exact spirit in 2018, or even higher. 2017 has given me lots of experience to be learnt. I consider this year as a learning experience. I bid my farewell here, as I say this year will be greatly missed and I, along with so many others will forever be indebted to 2017.


Happy New Year!



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