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Event| Woman of Haya 1st anniversary

A month ago, I attended WomenOfHaya event that was held at Bifash Brunei. In conjunction of women of haya’s first anniversary last month, they announced that the celebration was held in Abode of peace, Brunei; My beautiful country. I was over the moon to attend the event because the director of Women of Haya invited me personally. I was surprise at first to know that the director know me. it was surreal.

Before I started to talk about the event, let’s get to know Women of Haya first.

What is Haya?

Haya is an Arabic word derived from the word Hayat which means life. In English, this can be translated as modesty, shyness, self-respect bashfulness, honour and humility. (Visit their website HERE)

As the event start at 4 pm, I planned my day, of what time I should get ready with ironing my clothes and makeup. I didn’t know my sister took lot of the time doing my makeup but thanks to her, I look good with makeup on. As I get dress, my sister finishes up my face with a blush and we head our way to the car. My brother drive me to The Mall, he drop me there at 4 pm ish and my friend, Sarah (who I evented to join me) waited me at the entrance. We rush our ways to Bifash concept store with our killing high heels (but luckily I’m not wearing one, Just Sarah. She’s a model). I thought we were late but we weren’t, they had to start the event at 4:30 pm ish. I think because there are guests that are also running late. Or should I say fashionably late?

As we arrived at Bifash concept store, the director of WomenOfHaya was at the registration table on her phone with someone. I waved my hand as her eyes were on my direction; she nodded with a warm smile on her face. We went to the registration table and I told my name (as Mal Ziq), but they can’t found it until I asked them to search for StarvingForFashion. There it was, on the very top of the list; StarvingForFashion.

Soon as we found our sits, the director of WomenOfHaya approached us. She questioned for my name and once again I replied Mal Ziq and then a conversation happened between me and Katt Aziz, the director of WomenOfHaya.

Katt Aziz: Mal Ziq… How do you spell it?

Me: There’s my name, StarvingForFashion.

Katt Aziz: Oh My! You’re StarvingForFashion, Nice to meet you finally. Mal Ziq is your real name?

Me: No, it’s short for Amal Haziqah.

Katt Aziz: Okay… How old are you and what are you currently doing now?

Me: I just turned sixteen and just finished my O’level.

Katt Aziz: Really? I think I just finished my o’level… few years ago. You’re sixteen… such a young age.

Katt Aziz questioned me on how I know WomenOfHaya; I can’t really remember how I know. It could be because the influence of social media and the love for modest fashion. There’s lots of possibility from where I discover WomenOfHaya. I can’t remember where or when.

Also Katt Aziz: who’s this?

Me: Sarah, my friend.

Katt Aziz: Nice to meet you! Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy the event.

Me: Thank you for inviting us.

Sarah and I aren’t very close. I know her through instagram as I was still new in StarvingForFashion world. We had several conversation texts where we get to know each other and discover our interest. This is our second meet up time, the first one was at another fashion event where she model down the runway. It’s lovely to talk to her in person rather than through text. Getting to know her more and understand her current situation. Being known as a model isn’t quite likable by everyone. There’s people who judged people by their instagram page but not know there ups and downs to get the life they deserved now. As I always say ‘Haters goanna hate’.

Enough of that, let’s get to the event.

As the prayer had been read, the event started with the founder of Bifash, Mia Suria as she introduces to us the director of WomenOfHaya, Katt Aziz. They are both independent and inspiring ladies who gave a wonderful speech on how they first meet and how life turns out after they follow their dreams. Katt Aziz tears fall down as she talk. It’s already one year since WomenOfHaya started. In that one year, lots of things happened. I know and understand every word she said. I feel inspired and believe that women can also shine their own.

Here are pictures I took during the event and I wish I can capture even pretty picture.

After the brilliant speech, it was time for the makeup tutorial by Naqiah. She’s well-known makeup artist in Brunei and Malaysia, and she also have her own clothing label named Eljumana. You can find her on instagram for her Makeup and her clothing label.

I’m not really into makeup, that’s why I invited Sarah. She’s really good on makeup as I can see on her instagram page. I think I’m going to hire her to do my make up one day. Sadly, she had to leave in the middle of the tutorial. We didn’t manage to take lots of pictures together, so here’s a selfie of us and pictures she taken.

I’m back with this beautiful lady, known as BitsOfClassy. This was the second time we meet and she’s amazingly beautiful. We didn’t talk much because I was shy (talk about that later) and my eyes was down on my phone after the events. Go follower her on instagram to see her outstanding pictures. She was invited to be face of the make tutorial by Naqiah, also a well-known makeup artist in Brunei and Malaysia and she’s my aunt. Yup! I got invited to watch my aunt do her thing.

In that event, I was surrounded by entrepreneur and social media influencer whose adults. I was the only teenager after my friend left me. It felt so weird at first to be alone but thanks to Mia Suria, who is super friendly to me. She kicked most of my shyness away. I felt comfortable when I talk with her, like she’s my friend. She even gave me some thoughts on opening my own clothing brand which I think it’s still early for that thought. I’m still a teenager after all.

Over all, the event was fantastic. What other better way to end the weekend than met new faces, amazing people, inspiring talk and see my aunty do a makeup tutorial? Thank you to the director of Women of Haya for the invitation and lots of love to my friend, Sarah to be with me although you had to go early. I’m really grateful to be a part of the celebration and wish that WomenOfHaya the best of luck for the future. Congratulation WomenOfHaya! The future is bright for you.


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