Family Trip

Tenom Family Trip Unexpectedly 

Hello blogging! It’s been a while since my last blog post. I’m back with great memorable stories of my life. Expect the unexpected. December has been amazingly good to me. I hope for you too. To start things off, I’m going to share with you my unexpected nights at Tenom Sabah. It was my first time there and unexpectedly it happen.

It all started on 5th of December, I woke up at five sharp in Tuesday morning to get ready for the holiday. We planned to go stay at Mountain Kota Kinabalu before we head our way to Sandakan for my aunt’s wedding (my father side of the family), which I will blog on that in a separate post (I have so much to write about! So excited to click the publish button) but things didn’t turn out as we planned.

Let’s cut to the chase, something unexpected happened on our way to Mountain Kota Kinabalu (Brunei and Kota kinabalu are not that far. Well, it took 10 hours to get to Kota kinabalu by car. So, it’s a road trip). My mother’s sister car broke down in the middle of the road. Luckily, nothing bad happened. My uncle stopped the car when he heard a noise and then notice there’s an unknown problem with the car. We had to find the nearest workshop but unfortunately, we had to drive an hour from where we were to town.

As my father and uncles went to the workshop, we ladies went up to KFC to have lunch. I was already half starve by then because I didn’t have breakfast (Don’t forget to eat breakfast for a long trip in the car). I didn’t manage to take picture at KFC but I do have a story to tell. After we finished our meal, this chinses man shows up and ask me if he can take the left over chicken bones to feed his dog. Of course I said yes! Because he was very polite of asking and suddenly clean our table, so he can easily take the bones. Maybe there’s people think he’s a freak but I think he’s not. He’s just a man who feed his dog with KFC bones. Those bones are sure finger linking-good! I mean paw. That dog is lucky to have an owner who feed him with good bones. You know what I mean.

We head our way to another restaurant because my aunt can’t eat chicken (that doesn’t mean she’s not a vegetarian. She just can’t). As the car has serious issues, we had to stay the night at Tenom Town. It looks like there’s a problem with the car’s oil machine, I think so. I don’t really know about cars.

Choosing hotel at Tenom is quite hard because every building in town, there’s a motel. There’s this four star hotel we found online but it’s not in town. It’s nearby Tenom town. When my sister was going to book three rooms at the four stars hotel, my mother called and told us that she already got keys for a three star hotel. My mother and her sisters were exploring Tenom Town and bought three rooms without asking us first. It was a fine hotel; it looks like a motel from the outside (to be honest). Alhamdulilah, I manage to sleep at ease although I woke up early because I didn’t have dinner the day before. I only had one meal that day, that’s not me. A little reminder for future me, eat three times a day.

Second Day

I slept again and woke up at 9 in the morning. My father went to the workshop with my uncles and as for the moms; they were having breakfast next to the hotel. I was still in bed thinking if I should wake up. I had to get out of bed because my tummy keeps making sounds.

My aunt wanted to go to the Tamu Tenom and her wish is granted. The Tamu is amazing; they sell almost everything there (including living chicken) and it’s quite big. We took pictures, videos and instastory. Like tourist. After that we went to have breakfast at a restaurant next to the hotel building. It was an enjoyable breakfast with my whole family. We laughed a lot as the moms tell about their childhood story. After breakfast, we head to our room cause there nothing much to do at Tenom, but we did go to Watsons store. I purchase some good items.

As the clock went to 12, we check out of our hotel and had lunch at the restaurant that the moms went. My aunt’s car was still at the workshop as we had our breakfast. The owner of the restaurant was very kind to us. As the fathers went to the workshop, we stay there at the restaurant for hours. Yup! Hours… I think also had our tea time there. I think I ate a lot while waiting for the news on the car from my father and uncles. It was like we own the restaurant. The owner and the moms exchanged story of their home town and how different Brunei used to be back in their time.

As my father and uncles arrived at the restaurant, they told us about the car. The workshop knows about the cars condition and its problem but it can’t be fixing within a day. We had to go for the wedding but as thing didn’t go as plan. The adults made their decision. My uncles and aunts want my family to go to the wedding without them and as it was almost six, we had to stay another night there because it was already dark to have a road trip.

Another hotel decision had to be made; my aunt said ‘let’s just stay at this hotel again’. My sisters and cousin disagreed because they want to stay at the four stars my sister found online. And of course they listen to us. The hotel was up a hill, really up but it’s lovely. We went to our room to freshen up before dinner at 10. We didn’t go back to town. We had dinner at the restaurant. The place is quite because there were not lots of visitor there. Tenom is a hidden town for me. I rarely see tourist there.

Third Day

We woke up very early to check out and had a photoshoot at the hotel’s garden. We had our best of the best photo. It was lovely sunrise. We had to say our goodbyes to Tenom as we driver our way to Sandakan for the wedding. To be continued…

This unexpected trip has brought my family together. Looking at my mother and her two beloved sisters is just enjoyable. Maybe one day, I will do a getaway with two of my sister when we are old enough to be call aunty or in the parenthood. There was also lots of coffee talk between my uncles and my father.

Well, it comes to an end. I hope you enjoy this blog post as I enjoy writing it. Great news, I’m going to write something special in my life. Don’t miss it out!


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