Life | In November, November in Life.

November is the eleventh month of the year. One month to go before New Year. How exciting is that?! I’m looking forward for 2018 for several reasons. I don’t know about you but I’m done with 2017. It has been a great and unforgettable year for me. I complete my goal for 2017, most of my goals. As we have another month to go before 2018. I think I’m just going to enjoy December with family and friends. I have nothing to regret for 2017. It has been a wonderful year.

Wait! I should write about November in life in this blog post. My mind is already set in 2018. Okay! Let’s start the write with the first week of November.

I was still having my exam until 9th November. So, nothing much happened in that period of time. You know what I been doing in that time. You can already guess. You can imagine me reading the book and writhing points on characters. or maybe I did something else. No one knows…

And then, the end of my O level examination. Just like that. FREEDOM!

On the 12th November as planned, I went out to have lunch with my classmate. Half of the class showed up, 5 out of ten; Shab, Ayda, Meghan, Haziqah, Wafiqah and I. We had lunch at Sarang Korea Restaurant which was my first time eating there. By the way, I ate kimchi for the first time and it does not taste good. It tastes super not delicious. My friends also agreed with me. We eat and laughed. It’s just a great time to celebrate my freedom with them. Wish I can spend more time with them in the future. I hope.

There you go, Picture of us having a good time at the restaurant with some korea food. To my friends, Who (maybe) reading this, Yup! I didn’t ask permission to post it on my blog… but its still lovely to be keep and love forever. For memories. so, we can look back and talk all about the good things that had happen within two years and Insha Allah, more years to create together.

The next day was Monday; we had to go to school to return our textbooks. I don’t really want to go but I have to. Oh, and I forgot to mention that my classmates agree to buy every teachers a present. We had 10 teachers in total. So, we chose our teacher and write a letter to represent the class which I was informed on last minute. They gave me the responsibility to get a present for my additional maths teacher. On that day, we went to the teacher’s office to meet them for the last time and of course our teachers remained us about our results next year. Teachers are always with their marks. I want to say goodbye to my English teacher, Mr. Andrew for everything you did for those years. I really appreciate it and I hope you have a safe flight back to Australia. Please do come back to Brunei when our results come out. Thank you for believing in me truly. I’m not sure if Mr Andrew is reading this… because he doesn’t know I own a blog.

There was no Monday blues. It was a memorable Monday. We laughed too much. We even had a little party in the class where we had to eat on the floor because we are too lazy to arrange the tables and then rearrange it back. We played games which I never play before and I was stressing up on the pointing game; the game I will never forget, my mind just went blank because I don’t know the rules and the trick of the games. My classmates don’t want to tell me the trick until now.

November had been very relaxing month for me. I don’t have to wake up early to get ready to school anymore. It’s fantastic to have couples of date with my bed. I watched too much movies and series. I read if feel like reading. Maybe I’m going to write reviews on them here, for you and the future me. As I mention in my pervious blog post, there’s fashion events and family events I have to attend. So, Last Sunday I went to WomenOfHaya 1st Anniversary with a friend of mine. That day has been another great experience for me and I will definitely share with you about that, soon Insha Allah.

I downloaded AppForType app on my phone and it’s pretty nice. Really recommen for Blogger and social media entrepreneur.

Today is the second of December, I wish for you to spend your last month of the year with smile and laughter. Always be with the positive vibes. Do spent time with your love ones and especially yourself. Just enjoy the month! Live life!

What’s your November in Life?


2 thoughts on “Life | In November, November in Life.

  1. I think it’s because you didn’t like the taste of fermented Kimchi? I once tried Kimchi which has fermented taste like eating fizzy stuffs. But the Kimchi from Koryo Restaurant in Kiulap is pretty decent in my opinion.


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