Paused and Refresh

The bright morning sunlight creates shadows. As I walk on the path way. I don’t know where to go. My mind is just full of thoughts. My eyes wonder around. I take a long deep breath and think.

Hold on a minute, let’s paused and refresh.

Some moments are meant to be embraced and treasured forever. Just click your camera for a picture and it can pause that moment to be treasured forever. Shared the picture on social media and then refresh. There are likes and comments. There’s love and also hate. There’s life. Moments in life that should be keep deep inside our souls. To be remember always, with only love.

The sky and the long bank of clouds melt into another, blue into paler blue. The moment to be remembered by believes. To know that, in life there’s hope. There’s life. Do believe that in every storm, there always be sunshine and rainbows. No matter how life is. You already made it this far. Crazy but true. It will come sooner or later. I just have to wait because there’s always hope.

There are people out there. I think I know them but truly, I don’t. I think I know their stories but I don’t. Just like they don’t know mine but they think they know. We pretend and then lied. Pretend and lies; those things can hurt us but the truth is way more painful. Know that every action, there’s reason. In some moments in our life, we just have to open up. Speak up!

And then, I stop.

I realized that I asked too much, wonder too much. I asked question with no answer and I get answers to questions I never ask. That’s how life works. Always remain unsolved. Life is filled with curiosity.

This is just random thoughts that I can’t really express fully into words. A little disclaimer, this post is just words that are inspired by books and movies. It has nothing to do with my life or anybody. End of story, I hope you enjoy this short story in my head. That’s all I have to say, write you soon! Not so soon I think. Because I’m taking a little break on blogging to just enjoy life. Lots of things are about to happened, from fashion event to family event. I just want to take a break from stressing myself on what to write and how to start the post. Done that, been there. If there are inspirations on my head, then my hand will start clicking the keyboard to make words. Until then!


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