55 Days without Social Media

There’s people out there who says that they can’t live without their phone. If you’re one of them, Hey! You’re not alone. To be honest, I think you can live without your phone. If I can live without my phone, that mean you can too. Okay! I’m going to write about my thoughts and experience without social media. It’s been 55 days of my life without social media and I’m still breathing. It quite a challenge but I did it.


It first started on 15 September, when I realized that I spent most of my time scrolling down on instagram and texting with my friends. I was supposed to study for my final year examination (which is now over. No more high school drama. No more books and papers. I think I should also write on that) that is crazy important for my future. So, I took action to deactivate my instagram and other social media. I even deleted my WhatsApp account and my friends were surprise by my action. No more texting. During those 55 days without social media, I’d study. I think I did study or did I spend my time reading few blogpost… I can’t really remember. Let’s just say I did study my but-off for exam.


As I’d deactivate my instagram, I can’t scroll down on instagram anymore. I felt like katak bawah tempurung at some moments. Living without social media is a challenge but you can get some things for it. 1) Its good for your eyes. Your eyes need rest. Bright light from your phone can damage your eyes. 2) Your hand won’t get tired from holding your phone for hours. 3) You safe time.


As I don’t have WhatsApp account during those 55 days, I can’t communicate with my friends. I can’t text them about school work. How can I suppose to know if I answer the questions correctly or answer the questions I was supposed to answer? I just have to figure it by myself. I still remember that day when all of my classmates were having a farewell lesson party and they all brought food and drinks. As for me, I didn’t bring anything but I did bring my appetited. Being that starving girl!


As I wanted to stay away from my phone, I lean my phone to my brother for at least three weeks. An advantage of giving your phone to someone is that you can’t use your phone to distract you from studying. Therefore, you have more time to study rather then spending your time on your phone. It also can be disadvantage if you lead your phone to someone. What if that someone accidentally drop your phone and scratch it. My brother didn’t give my phone a scratch but he absolutely did give a mark that I think it was hit by a rock. I totally freak out when I saw it but I said to myself that it’s just a phone, no worries. Lesson learned, never going to give my phone to my brother again.



As I finished my examination, I went home and do the right thing. I rewarded myself with social media (and a cup of passion fruit soda which is now my favourite at Hana Kitchen) as my brother returned the phone back to her rightful owner. It felt weird to play my phone because lots of things have change. I don’t know you can go live on instagram with someone. That’s new for me. And there are new awesome filter and things I haven’t yet to discover. Honestly guys, when the phone was on my hand today. I spent two freaking hours scrolling down instagram. I can’t believe I did that. My hand just missed scrolling. No worries hands, more exercise for you because I don’t have to worry about school work.


That’s all I can say. You are welcome to follow me on instagram and twitter. My friend just twitted about something. I got to go. See you next post!


Have you ever taken a break from scrolling down on instagram?



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