Life | In October, October in life

October is the best month of the year for me (excluding the days when I was having war with papers. The exciting part of November is that I only going to do two paper for just one subject. So excited to plan my freedom with you guys! ) and it will always be the greatest month of them all.


Let’s see what happen in October in my life. I had wild thoughts. Imagining things that can make October even exciting.


On the first day of October, I had a wonderful day which I did blog on Sweet Sixteen. You should read it and do read 16 things to know before 16, if you are or going to turn 16. I managed to squeeze time to write and post it on time, but there’s time I didn’t post on time due to Wifi. I need wifi. I need a good working wifi to post my blogpost.


In October, it’s autumn season in other countries but not here in Brunei. As I always say Summer Everyday in Brunei. I want to feel the excitement in autumn season, it’s just beautiful. Leaves on the ground. I imagine autumn season just like Reclaim Your Heart book by Yasmin Mogahed. See how beautiful the cover is. I just want to play with the leaves. Dream big guys. I’m a summer girl who dream to experience autumn, spring and winter. Summer not included.


I heard autumn is the great season to do Apple picking. It’s sound fun and delicious. Tell me more about autumn season in the comments below. I love to read your experience in autumn.


Oh ya! I also want to join the fun for Halloween. Wouldn’t it be fun if Brunei also do that? But I don’t think that’s going to happen. Because it’s so dangerous. Brunei parents are super duper protective. Anything can happen in Brunei. If halloween is allowed in Brunei. That can get crazy, people will freak out if they saw kids dressed up as ghost. They will started to read ayat from the Quran. It’s funny to imagine this things happen in Brunei. Unfortunately, we can’t celebrate Halloween due to several ridiculous reasons. I don’t know why, but as a girl, you can’t argue with those reasons. I have to believe in it. No Halloween allowed.. In Brunei. Maybe in the future, I will play dress up during Halloween, if I still have a kid side living inside of me.


Speaking of Halloween, the best fruit for Halloween is pumpkins. Wow!! I want to make my own scary pumpkin. Also tell me about your Halloween in the comment below. You can tell me a scary story if you want.


October made me proud. The first time, I felt proud as a blogger. This blog as gain a year in my life. I never thought I can be here long enough. I mean there’s time I want to give up but I didn’t. Building this blog was the best mistake I ever made. I did gave up on my life dairy blog but I will never give up on Starving For Fashion. This blog has given me lots of opportunities to join the outside world. I was just a girl who don’t know what to do in her free time. Now, I can write for you during my free time. I’m proud to stand here (or sit here) writing on my blog. Telling how proud I am. To be a blogger. I still don’t know what type of blogger I am. Do you think I’m a fashion blogger or lifestyle blogger or both? I think I’m everything. (Define everything Haziqah? Everything is anything. Anything that can create everything). Writing is unpredictable but it turn out to be fantastic.


I am also proud to be a Bruneian ( and Malaysian. Just saying, I’m proud to be both, Bruneian and Malaysian. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I will remember to make my countries proud ) in my life. His majesty, the sultan of Brunei has celebrated his amazing achievement as a ruler of Brunei for 50 years. How amazing is that. I didn’t contribute in any event due to my exam papers. Watching everyone enjoyed the event made me happy. I just want to thank his majesty for everything he did for Brunei especially education. Thank you for the free education for the ones who need it. We will absolutely make you proud.


I also had a Ugama graduation day in my used to be Ugama school. I made myself proud. Learning my religion for eight years and I still seek for more. When I was there, lots of sweet and sour memories came to me. It had been a wonderful years of unforgettable years.

There’s pictures taken on that day…

[Pictures coming soon]


I got to spend time with friends and family. Creating memories together and talk about the future. I think I’m going to touch a few topics on the future in few future blogpost.


If you read my September in life, that month was sad to me, just a little or maybe a lot. Lots of tears in September. To much water in my eyes. In that post, I got a comment. She commented that every storm, there will always be rainbow. I believe she’s right. Look what happened in my October. It’s wonderful. Amazingly beautiful to describe.


October is memorable for me and will always be. As that said, that’s all for October in my life. How’s October in your life?


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