16 Things To Know Before Turning 16

As a girl who just turn 16 little over weeks ago. Being 16 is no different than 15. Cause being 16 or 15 are still in the teen age. You’re just one year older than before. Yet, it feel so different.

I have the experience and knowledge of sixteen-hood to tell you things you should know before you turn 16. I’ve learned lots of lessons in my life. There’s time in my life I regret for not knowing it but it was lessons to be learned. Lesson I wish I was taught when I was younger.

These are 16 things to know before turning 16


1| You are beautiful. You have a beautiful smile.
2 | love yourself, before you love others. Love yourself first. You don’t need permission to love yourself.
3| express yourself. Get angry when you are angry. It is better to let go than to keep it forever. A little scream won’t kill anyone.

4| most of your time, you will definitely be alone. It’s okay to be alone. Being single is great.

5| appreciate everything surround you. Appreciate your time when you still have time. Appreciate people around you before they’re gone. Everything is a blessing. Appreciate that blessing.

6| honestly is good but be careful. Being honest can hurt someone as it can hurt you.

7| action speak louder than words. The things you do is more dangerous than the things you say. As for social media, think before you post.
8| filter your ear for your mind and heart. Listen to people and try to understand the words for your heart.
9| if you think it’s the best for you than do it. Listen to your heart and ask your mind.
10| just try it. You can at least try it out to see what it can bring you. It’s never to late to try it out.
11| expect failure and accept it. Being a failure doesn’t mean you lose.

The pictures in this blog post are pictures of my religion school graduation day. Thank you to everyone who were there for me throughout my journey within that 8 years.

12| Be proud to the things you regret. There’s times you regret but one day you look back at the things you regret, it can make you proud.
13 | Everyone is different in their own way. Never think others will do the same as you. Never think you do the same as others. Everyone Is unique.

14| finish your work early, so you can sleep early. Find days to sleep and days to work. Don’t keep sleeping and don’t keep working.
15| you will ask questions with no answers. You will get answers to questions you never ask. Trust me on this.

16| Life is Short. Enjoy it!

These were just things I collected over time. To be honest, there’s more. Life is full with lessons. I recommend it to you. Writing things you want to know, or should have known.


Living in this world for 16 years is wonderful. I’m blessed everyday. The air I breathe every day is the same but the ability to breathe is a blessing. I’m thankful for everything that happened to me. The lessons I learned should always to be remembered.


So… What things should you have known before turning 16?




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