Life | In September, September In Life

What happened in September? Nothing good to be honest. 30 days in September was not so good.

September has been an emotional month for me. Maybe because it was the last month for me as a fifteen years girl ( I’ve missed being 15, to be honest. Being 15 was fantastic) and also maybe my exam was near that time. I cried everyday because I was at a weak stage. I realize that not everyone support you and believe in you. Anyone can motivate you and anyone can demotivate you. It’s just how you think is important, if you believe what they say, it will get in to your mind. You have to control your mind and your soul.

The only day I remember is the last day of September. The other 29 days was full with water in my eyes and hatred in my mind. In September, I realized who are friends and enemies. Who are real and fake to me, I realized that in this month. I felt used and unappreciated by the people I thought who care for me, people who are willing to do anything for me. I can’t believe I believe those people who said they are always going to be there for me, they lied to me. They said they supported me always, they didn’t. They said I can seek for help, I did but they didn’t even want to help. I want people to remember what they say, to do what day say. Think before you speak ( to me.)

That’s a bit emotional

On the last day of September, my classmates and I celebrate our last day of school. It was not our last day of school, it was our last day of learning. That day was the last day, we were in our classroom. We are not going to go to our class anymore. If we do come to school, we’re going to the hall for our final paper. I almost cry on that day, remembering the things I did with my friends are just unforgettable. It was an emotional day for us. We will not get mad by the teachers anymore. Haha.. I will never forget that moment when we break the rule and was punished to move class on the third floor.
[ cake picture]
I even get a surprise cake, home made by my friend who has a name as me, thank you Haziqah. I love cheesecake. How do you know that? Or is it when you made a cake for school Raya celebrate, the time I ate quarter of the cake? It was super delicious.

I think that’s all for September in life. Nothing much happened. The month has been the busiest month of my life. All I did was work and work. I don’t even have the time to blog in that month. I will make up it to you my dear blog, I will fill you up with lots of blogpost after the exam. Watch out for the next blogpost, the next one is dedicated to everyone who is turning 16.


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