Starving For Fashion 1st Blogiversary

On this day, I received a notification on WordPress. Telling me that, a year ago, I registered myself on WordPress as a girl who don’t know anything about writing or blogging. A girl who don’t know anything about the blogging world. A year later, that girl is here. Writing to you for her 1st anniversary as a blogger.

Time do fly so fast guys. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my first post in starving for fashion. I’ve been writing things based on my journey in life on this very blog. If you follow me ever since I started, you will know how different starving for fashion is now. For those you didn’t get the chance to see the old version of starving for fashion. Here’s a little bit of what I think about the old version of starving for fashion.

In the first month of blogging, I never expose myself as Haziqah Hassan. I used MZ as a name. Which I will tell you what it stand for in separate blogpost. I was so afraid that people will judge me. I realize that being judge is a normal thing. Alhamdulilah, it’s already been a year since I confessed my real name and things turn out to be good for me. I also think my writing improve, I used to write short blogpost with no pictures. Now, I have to add pictures to my blogpost because without picture, it’s unattractive to me. You need pictures in every blogpost, no matter the picture doesn’t make sense with your contain.


For example this picture, it’s a picture of me at the newest Brunei bridge. There’s no connection with my blogpost today. At least, I’m starving for fashion in the picture. The bridge is super huge. Everyone stop on the bridge to take pictures when my family and I went there. We even stop twice to take pictures on both side of the bridge. Unfortunately, I have less pretty pictures because the sun was so bright. I cannot even open my eyes wide enough for the camera. I know it’s autumn session in other countries but if you live in Brunei, everyday is summer. Yesterday summer, today summer, tomorrow summer, forever summer.


As starving for fashion turn one today, I questioned myself with several questions.


What did achieved as a blogger?


Lots of things happened, which I share with you guys on my blog. I got to experience a lot of things. I get to meet people that I dream to meet. I meet Vivy Yusof and Raja Nadia Sabrina, both amazingly successful women in Malaysia. It’s just a miracle for me to have that opportunity to meet them in person. I’m amazed by Raja Nadia Sabrina, the founder of aere. Her story in her blog inspired me to keep blogging. When I meet her in person, her last word to me are ‘keep on blogging’. I felt so proud when my most favorite blogger noticed me. I did mention my excitement in the pervious blogpost when I meet her. I adore you, Raja Nadia Sabrina.


I get to make new friends through Instagram and this blog. I have friends who don’t really understand my passion in fashion. Most of my friends are into Korean pop which I am not but I do support BgA ( a group of comedian who try to be Korea pop ). Instagram is very useful. It connected me with people who understand my passion. It feel great to talk with someone who is on the same page with you. I even get to connect with my idol through Instagram. Asking questions and gaining knowledge of from an expert.


As I’m currently a student and don’t have much time to be a full time blogger. I didn’t achieve much but I appreciate the things that had happened to me within one year. I’m looking forward for the new experience and knowledge to be gain.


What did I learn as blogger?

I learned that blogging is not that easy to do but if you have passion, nothing is impossible.


There’s a lot of bloggers as myself, out there. Everyone write differently because everyone have different experience to write. There’s day, you want to write like others, but you can’t. It’s okay, you just have to find your style of writing. Inspirational is key.


Asking is good. Seek for advice and help from others to improve your blog. There’s people who are willing to help you. Communicate with people who you think you can get along with.


When you expose yourself as a blogger, there’s people out there who are going to notice you and maybe be a fan of your work. Once there’s a girl, who message me through Instagram telling me that she want to be just like me. I was shocked to hear that but I really appreciate her support and her kind words. If that girl is reading this, I want to say thank you for staying with me for one year. Keep on dreaming and never give up!




What‘s my future plan for Starving For Fashion?


After my final year exam, which I am currently doing right now, ( I should be studying right now. I have physics paper tomorrow!! Physics is not that easy. Why did I choose it in the first place? ). I’m going to plan my four months of freedom. I will spend that four months right here on starving for fashion. Writing and working full time in that four months just for you.


I’m looking forward to attend fashion events with my fashion crime friend. If I’m invited to any event, I will totally not miss that opportunity. I still remember my first fashion showcase for l’orient 1st Anniversary which I did blog Here. It was a great opportunity to meet the designer behind L’orient and asked her questions that I was curious about. It was great to be apart of her fashion journey.


I’m also looking forward to collaborate with blogger and work with brands that is in the same page as me. I also plan to do some photoshoot with this photographer which ( inshallah, I really want to. I really need pretty picture for my blog ) I’m going to do in late November. I just have to start planning my four months of freedom.


One year, I’m here. Being starving for fashion girl. Cause I’m starving for fashion.


What do you think of starving for fashion?






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