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BRB | Let’s Start A War

September is the last month for me as a 15 years old girl. Next month, I’m not 15 anymore. I’m going to be 16. I’m excited but mostly terrified. The day after I turn 16, I will be having a war with papers. Its sound ridiculous but I’m scared. Growing up is terrifying. Maybe that’s the reason why Peter Pan doesn’t want to grow up. He wants to stay young forever. Peter Pan is just a character. He’s not real but I wish he is.


There’s no war but I can see war. I’m the only one who sees it. I’m on my own. Cause this is my war. I stared this war and I’m going to end this war. I will be right back after I finish what I started. Finish you, once and for all. You are my enemy. It’s only you and me in this war.

Before it starts, I pray to god for everything. Ask for help and forgiveness. I even bow to my king and queen.

“Bring me the head’ whispered the Queen.

I nod.

I’m ready to meet you again. This will be the last; I’m ready to cut your head. I will say I fight for myself and only myself. So I will fight until the end. Until I cut your head.


When I understand you, you are adorable but then you turn into something terrifying. You turn into big white monsters. You spit black ink on my face. It’s rude. No matter how big you are. I’m going to end you because I’m a warrior.

We know each other too much. We used to kiss goodbye at night before I close my eyes. You are there for me when I didn’t even need you. You used to be kind. I used to love you when you are adorable. Things change for a reason. We change for a reason. You become bigger and scarier. I become strong and brave.

Blue ink on my hands will end you for good. I will chop your head with my bare hand. It sounds impossible. The war between you and me, nothing is impossible. Cause I’m possible.

In the end, I will bring your bloody head to my king and queen. I pray to god that you will remember me. Remember the wars we created together. This is not the last war. It’s just the ending. One day, you will come again. You will create ink war. I’m already prepared for the war.


As that said, I’m absolutely ready to leave for the war. I’m also ready to face it on my own. Also, be right back because I need to wash these blue ink stains off my fingers.

Also be right back, because I’m taking a blog break.

I’m pretty sure this is the right thing to do. I thought this long and hard. I wondered if I could manage things as a blogger and as a student. My blog is really important but so are my life as student. I did mention on my pervious BRB that I will defiantly taking a break. It sad to leave but I have to. It’s for my own good.

I won’t be posting anything for October except for the special days. I’m looking forward for October because I’m going to be sixteen. I waited so long to be sixteen. As I will turn sixteen, this blog will also be having a joyful month in October because turning one is also important.

As for now, I’m officially in study mode (and also preparing for war) and won’t see me anywhere. Expect on twitter and maybe instagram. Because it’s the escape place I have now. To tell you the truth, I didn’t been active in any of my social media lately because it’s sometimes not worth my time.

See you in October!


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