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​Life | In August, August in life

Oh… No… We just finish August. The eight month of the year.  

I want to cry and laugh at the same time while writhing this. It’s crazy that it’s already in September. Therefore, I have less than a month to prepare for my exam. My incredibly huge exam is coming up less than a month. I hope I survive. I want to survive. It feels like I’m preparing for a war. It’s an unpredictable war. Its halla crazy!

That’s enough!  Let’s stop and put a smile on that face.

I can’t really remember August as much I want to remember. Most people were born in August and I believe that. Most of my family members were born in August. Both of my sisters were born in August and my parent’s anniversary is also in August. It is an eventful month. I don’t have pictures to show you guys the meaningful event I had in August because August is the month I had breakdown on face. Maybe one day, I will post it but not today.

When there’s birthday, there’s cake. I ate too much cake. August is not a healthy month.  

I don’t have time to go out and take pictures plus I don’t have a photographer. I really need a photographer who is willing to work with me. I contacted a lot of photographer through instagram but every one of them has a price which I can’t afford because I’m still in school.  As that for a reason, I decided to do self-photography just like Zahra Zamari but she took amazing pictures which I can’t do. Self- photography is not that easy. I want to do it every day but I just don’t have that ability to do it because I’m lazy most of the time.

I read two and a half book. Yup, I’m so proud to add the half one. I achieved my goals to read books in my 2017 life. You can read it more HERE

Speaking of books and exam, I did study. Just want to make everybody clear that I also study. My exam is coming up. I will create time to study.  Sometimes I feel motivated sometimes I feel useless because that life. There ups and downs.

In August, my eyes became watery and the water becomes tears. I cried most of the time. I cried doing my work. I cried.  I become emotional these days. It’s good to cry. I feel motivated and crazy to do my responsibly as a student and a blogger.

On the 31st August, we created memories, Fantastic unforgettable memories. It’s amazing to spend my last day surrounded with incredible girls who been there with me through my ups and downs. I’m going to miss them one day. Express!

That’s my Amazing August. I hope you had a great August. I have to apologies for being emotional and not willing to express August beautifully.  It’s just my mind and thoughts want to focus on just one thing. 

How was your August in life?


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