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​Books in August 

In August, I was motivated to read books. 

I’m not a bookworm but I do adore books. This is a short review or summary for me to remember the books I read in life. I survived reading 2 books and a half. See the half word; just make me want to laugh. For the third book in August, I didn’t finish it because I’m not into horror story. I don’t know why I want to read horror story. Maybe because I wanted to write based on something horror. Things didn’t happen. 

The disreputable history of Frankie Landan Banks 

Have you read this? The book is full with curiosity. I read it for only two nights because I was super curious and end up being disappointed and confused. Basically the book is about a girl who thinks she is capable to do things on her own. She’s the girl who wants to be involved in everything. 

It’s hard to hate this book entirely because the book is about girl power. I love girl power. Girl can also do what the boys can do. Well, to be honest, not everything boys do girls can do. In my point of view, most boys can’t do what girls are capable of doing. Girl can do everything actually. Believe me or not. It’s the truth. We are different in our special way.

Everything, Everything by Nicole Yoon

I want to write a complete review on this book. This book is incredibly amazing and same goes to the movie. I want to vividly express my feelings and thoughts on this wonderful book. In my pervious post, I wrote about how I end up reading this book. You guys should read it because I’d fully tell about my journey with the book.

The mist in the mirror by Susan Hill

Before I start with this ‘thoroughly frightening’ book, I want to thank Mr Andrew for leading this book to me. I really appreciate it. You’re such an awesome English teacher. I will return it to you soon. I promised!

Let’s be honest, I just read half of the book. I think… I’m not going to finish the other half. I’m not into horror book. The book itself, make me curious and gave me a chill because Susan Hill is the author. I adore her work but it seems that this book didn’t achieve my expectation. I suggest you to read this book, it’s an amazing work and I really treasured it.

Finally, it’s the end of my books in August. I just realized that I’m terrible at describing books. I think this the least favourite post I ever made. I just don’t know how to do a book review.  The reason I’m writhing this post is because I want to remember the book I read in my life. Let adventure together and don’t forget to read a book.

What’s your books in August?


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