The Journey Starts With Everything

There’s a book that is deserved to be remembered in my life. How my journey with this book happened? It’s unpredictable like the book itself. How I love the start and the ending of my journey with the book. How beautiful it can be.

When did I notice this book exist?

It was in the middle of November 2016, during a short school field trip to Miri, Malaysia with my friends. We went to Popular Book Store to purchase some novels to bring back to Brunei. A friend of mine, Shab, was holding this particular book. A light book and the cover of the book got my attention. It is white background and designed with art that I think it is an art. Does that make sense? You can see the cover page below. It’s absolutely breath-taking and magnificent. But I didn’t buy the book because I don’t know what the book is about. It’s just a normal book for me, noting special that time.

Early this year, my sister was searching for this specific book. We searched every book store in Brunei. They all said it’s out of stock. Suddenly, I realized that the book we were searching for the exact book as my friend. I asked her if I could borrow it but she said that her sister lean it to her friend. I tried my best to find this freaking book. I went to my senior reading room to cheek if the book was available that time. They only got one copy of everything, everything by Nicole Yoon. They said I can reserve to read the book in the waiting list. When I open the waiting list, I saw five names that were in the waiting list to read the book. It’s the same book- everything, everything by Nicola Yoon. It’s amazed me and I sometimes become curious. I once questioned myself, ‘Should I read it?’ I was currently reading a Malay novel that time. The answer was no.

My sister showed me the trailer of the movie for the book. It really interesting and I really want to watch it because of the actor. He’s super cute. My sister really wants to read the book before she watches the movie. She’s the kind of girl, who read first and then watch the movie but as for me I rather watch the movie. Don’t stop! Now; keep on reading about my journey with this book. It’s getting more interesting I think.

A month later, my sister found the book. I don’t know where she found it but she found it. She has the chance to read the book before the movie came out. And guess what guys… I was told that my waiting is over, that I can borrow the book. I don’t need it anymore. My sister doesn’t need it anymore. With no good reason, I borrowed the book and wanted to read it… but never did. I think I read 3 pages in the beginning and stop. I was just not ready to read it.


My sister spoiled everything in the book. She told me about the plot that was supposed to be remarkable. I didn’t get anger with her by telling me the plot. I didn’t care that time. It was just nothing for me. It was not everything to me.

There’s this day, one of my classmate suddenly bring this book up. They stared that conversation again. They asked me, ‘if I read it already. My answer was ‘Nope, I don’t think I’m going to read it. My sister spoiled the book already’. They all become curious to know the plot. I will never tell them. I’m not a spoiler. They’re the ones who finish the book before I did. Half of my classmates finished the book.

Yes! I read book… but after I watched the movie. I should have read first and then watch the movie. Things happened.

I was streaming to watch Andy Mack- the new Disney series for kids, which I really adored. But I ended up watching Everything, Everything without a regrets. I watched half on 11th August and the other half on 12th August because streaming took a lot of time. Seriously, it took a lot of time. I told my sister all about it and she suddenly said, ‘I prefer the book’. All of a sudden, I become curious and decided to read the book for only two nights.

I am destined to read the book. No matter how many times I said no. I will eventually read the book. With no regrets, I’m pleasure to have read this book. My journey starts with everything. Everything is destined to like I am destined to read everything, everything.

The book is so beautiful it will remain in my life as I write this with an open heart and appreciation.

As I enjoyed the movie and the book, for the next post, I will be writing a review based on the movie and book itself. I hope you enjoyed this post and I write you next time.


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