Life | In July, July in Life

Where can start for July? July is just too short

The beginning of July was welcome by school days which were actually fun and crazy. I had the time to study and write. I had life sort of.

It’s really a pleasure month. 

Half of July was still Eid celebration where I still jump in the car and visit open houses. Eat pretty good food that makes me want more. Eid is not the days to lose weight. Eid is the days to fill your tummy. No worries… you’re not alone. Everyone become a little cute during raya session. Let’s stop the Eid writing now. I suddenly miss the Eid moment. You can read my pervious blog on Eid HERE. 

As for usual, I’d study and study and study and then vomit on the book. Just kidding, I will never throw up on the book… but I want too. Sometimes studying is a struggle. Life is a struggle. Truly speaking, I love school. I will eventually miss it. I want to write about it but this is not the perfect time.

The day that I want to remember in July is cinema day. The day I spent with my sister without screaming to each other. We should do cinema day often. Cinema is the best thing to do with your sibling.
In the early of July, Spider Man Homecoming is the hottest movie of the session until know as I can see. My sister never missed one movie of the spider man. She’s into superheroes movie, as for me, I’m the opposite. I think it’s too many movie of just one type of superhero. My most favourite superhero movie is going to be Sky High. Every teenager has to watch sky High. It’s never getting old. 

Spider-Man Homecoming

Well, I can’t really say I love the Spiderman Homecoming Movie. It didn’t fill my expectation. I expected something from Zendaya. I thought Zendaya is Spiderman’s partner. She was not. The beginning of the movie was perfect, I love it… but when It come to this part. It became a little unexciting. Because I know what’s going too happened. Don’t judge me that easily guys. I know majority of you guys love it. I rated 6.5/10 for the entire story and 8.5/10 for the graphic of the movie. Love the graphic like seriously, no kidding. In addition to remember my movie day, I watched the movie at Empire Cinema which cost $15 for the VIP seat. It’s my first time at Empire Cinema and also my first VIP seats. It’s super worth $15. No one can kick my chair. I hate when some person behind me kicking my freckling chair. Like how can I enjoy my movie when someone is kicking my chair? I hope you understand me. After the cinema, we took pictures. Let’s called it my photoshoot day. 

That’s all I have for July in life. So long you all.

How’s your July In Life?


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