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​Books in August 

In August, I was motivated to read books.  I’m not a bookworm but I do adore books. This is a short review or summary for me to remember the books I read in life. I survived reading 2 books and a half. See the half word; just make me want to laugh. For the third… Continue reading ​Books in August 


The Journey Starts With Everything

There’s a book that is deserved to be remembered in my life. How my journey with this book happened? It’s unpredictable like the book itself. How I love the start and the ending of my journey with the book. How beautiful it can be. When did I notice this book exist? It was in the… Continue reading The Journey Starts With Everything


​The Five ‘To Remember In Life’

I recently finished my O’level Qualifying exam and didn’t have the time to blog. Disappointing face. I realized I didn’t blogged much for the past two months due to Ramadhan, Eid celebration, school work and etc. I just want to write. Really want to write. Writing stop my tears. I been crying for the past… Continue reading ​The Five ‘To Remember In Life’