​Why Eid?

Eid is the time of celebration, happiness and forgiveness. It’s the month to celebrate the end of Ramadhan. It’s like a new chapter of life. 

Yes, that definition is correct but why not asks in details on why Eid is the time of three simple yet meaningful words. Eid is not just a word or a celebration to me. It’s more than that. It’s lifestyle. It’s how I present my culture and religion at the same time. 

I think this is the explanation for those who doesn’t know why we celebrate the end of Ramadhan. Most people write or talk on why they love Eid so much.  As for me, I’m trying to write about why Eid is significant to me and why I defined Eid as three simple yet meaningful words.

Here is the Why Eid question.

Why Eid is the time of celebration?
Eid is the time of celebration because it’s the month to celebrate the end of Ramadhan. In Ramadan, Muslim fast and live their life without food or drinks from dawn till’ dusk, each day. Ramadan was 30 days for my country, Brunei. So, I had to control myself from things that can ruin my fasting. It’s very challenging, to be honest. It may be the difficult thing to do if you’re the type of person who usually thinks of food 24/7 (just like the girl who is currently tying this blog. Miss Starving), But thankfully I survived fasting. Thank goodness that’s over.

Eid is a present to the Muslim people. It’s a reward for being patient and loyal to our creator.   

Eid is not just a celebration for the end of Ramadhan. It does also can be the celebration for the culture. In Brunei, culture is important. Truthfully speaking, I don’t know if the culture is important in our daily life now because we life in a different generation than before. We learned our culture based on history. 
How can we relate our culture in our life in this generation? 

When Eid come, Eid suddenly remained me of my culture and beliefs. The first thing I remember about culture is clothes. Eid remind me of my heritage and faith. Baju Kurung and Baju Melayu are the heritage and it is also in the culture. As you can see during the festive session of Hari raya, the clothes have changed not a little but a lot. We have to believe in our culture. Have faith in the culture. 
In simple words, Eid is where we dress up, visit houses and celebrate. Many cultures celebrate it differently but it is still significant. 

Why Eid is the time of happiness?


Happiness is sweet little joy to me. In my word, I defined happiness as a sweet delightful smile. Just humble smile can show the happiness in you. Eid is the session that we can create memories. It is the time where we can share stories and laughter.  As for kids, it is the time for them to play around and eat as much as they want. 

Happiness is indescribable and unexpected. So, let go of your electronic things for a while and witness the happiness. It may be loud and it may be awkward silence. It may be hilarious and can also lead to bashfulness. That is just happiness. It is an experience to be happy and just smile.

Why Eid is the time of forgiveness?

Forgiveness is something we let go in our life. The pain, anger and ungratefulness are meant to be released. We forgive and as for exchange we ask for forgiveness. I always say sorry although I did not do any wrong. It’s just the kindest word to say in Eid. Just say ‘Maaf zahir dan batin’ meaning ‘forgive me physically and mentally’. I know that forgiveness is something hard to do but during Eid, forgiveness is just like a piece of cake.
I want to write more on forgiveness but I can’t really find words to explain more deeply. I know you can relate to the forgiveness topic because no matter how different we are, we still learn to forgive although it is difficult. 

As a reminder, saying Sorry is not given by a period of time. You don’t have to wait until raya to say sorry or to forgive people because it is a personal feeling. Forgiveness is not part of the culture. It is a lifestyle. 

That’s why. Eid is something I look forward to every year. Eid is the month, where I seek for celebration, happiness and forgiveness. It’s like an easy 3 in 1 Nescafé that I regularly make for my father every morning.  Eid is significant in my life and I hope you agree with me.

Picture are my most favorite raya envelope

What is Eid to you?

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