​Life | In June, June in Life

It’s the middle of the year already. 

It’s the middle of life. It’s the middle of memories. It’s the middle of dreams. It’s the middle of time.

Honestly, nothing much happened in June. Nothing productive happened due to Ramadan, tiredness and my laziness. June started with the second week of Ramadan and the last week of June was the festive season, Hari Raya Syawal month.

The month was spent driving in the car, buying things especially food for iftar, meeting friends and family at crowded places. It’s fun and memorable but it’s exhausting. In the previous post, I’d show picture of jewellery that I bought for special Eid. It’s very affordable. The jewellery is Hand-made jewellery by the successful young lady, Zahra Zamari. I absolutely love the ring and necklace.
Let’s get a little emotional.

The memories that I don’t want to erase in my head is the moment when my principle gave me support and advice. She believe and proud of me. At first I was shock, I thought I was invisible in school.

I never stress out when it comes to school. Never show the sad face to my teachers and friends when I am truly disappointed in myself. I thought I did my best. I thought I changed. I thought I’d improve. It’s the exact opposite of what I’d predict.

Try and failed but never fail to try

this quote motive me to study, to dreams, to think about my future.

I realize that people have big expectation for me. They all gave the same advice. Same thoughts and Same prediction. Some advice I can’t take because I don’t need that advice to be what I want. They thought I want to be like my elders. Honestly, I want to be different. I will be the lady I want to be.

This year is a lesson to me every single day. The year to learn and discover. The year to think about the future. The year to be remember.

I think that’s all for June in life. It’s not much because I sleep most of the time in June. Not judge me on my laziness. Hehe. I enjoyed June a lot. 

See ya in my next post. I need to ride this now!

How’s your June?

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