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​OOTD | The Days of Eid 2017

Alhamdulilah, I survived Ramadhan! Well I’m definitely missing that magnificent month. Insha Allah we will meet again next year, Ramadhan. Ramadhan only lasted 30 days, without food or drinks from dawn till’ dusk each day. Exhausted every single day. Totally exhausted. But we made it. Syukur to our creator.

I want to write ‘I can’t believe Ramadan is over’ but deep in my heart I believe Ramadan is over. Truly believe. Because as all of you know, I love food so much. Who doesn’t right?

After Ramadan, there’s another sensational month. The month that most people lie in wait for. The month where we dress up in our culture clothes. It is the days where we are extra social. The days when we scroll down on instagram and saw lots of ootd. Outfit of the day or should we change it into Baju Kurung of the day. 

Speaking of ootds. I’ll present to you my days of Eid.

Day One | aere x starving

Shawl: Hajrah | Dress: area | Jewellery: Eve & Rosie | Armsocks: Le Boutique | Shoe: Cartino Sonia

Day one was the day where we took the best pictures. So, we had to look our best on the first day. It was the battle of the day. Well, obviously I’m not the winner yet. I consider my sister as the best dress. She was wearing the lovely yet beautiful baju kurung from mimpikita by FashionValet. Love it so much!

I’m here to talk about my outfit and my raya.

As seen on me, I’m wearing aere life collection for Eid. Carus Semi Round Top pared with Casus Pleated Mermaid Skirt both in mint. I’ll never let go the love for aere. I was surprised by the pocket top. I love pocket so much. I don’t need to bring my bag around. Cause I can put my phone in the bag and maybe duit raya. The pocket can definitely fit my phone and as many duit raya I had. As for the hijab, I was wearing my first ever Hajrah Shawl that was so easy to wear.

Day Two | A drop of lavender

Hijab: El by Elfiraloy | Dress: Aimansya Muslimah Clothing  | Jewellery : eve & rosie | Armsocks : Le Boutique | Shoe : Cartino Sonia

As for day two of Eid. I always wear something that is soft and simple.

Sweet innocent girl.

The first time I saw this soft purple flower baju kurung. I cannot resist to not buying it. It’s just too sweet to resist. I just have too. I bought it two days before raya. Never too late to shop. I bought it at Letop Lebaran on the first day. It was super crowded. I don’t like crowded places. It made me scared of the world.

I wanted to match this dress with a plain shawl but when my mother bought me this El square hijab by Elfiraloy. I was like why don’t go floral for the second day. I also bought a flower ring from therosieco. The ring was handmade by Therosiegrammar. Special for floral. 

Day Three | Pretty In Pink

Hijab: cherry square hijab | Dress:  (sister’s) | shoe: Flats

As for the third day, I was pretty tired. We just went to one open house and the rest of the day was spent at home. Welcoming guest to our home. Serving drinks. Giving the duit raya is always the hard part for me. If you know what I mean. 

Honestly, I don’t have any words for this outfit. The named explain everything already. You just have to be pretty in pink.

When we have guest, we have to show our respect. I am very strict when it comes to Salam tangan (shake hands to show respect) with the guest. As Muslim, we have rules to follow. Sometimes I have to explain it to my parents about the rules. They thought all family is halal to Salam each other. Selected family members only. We can only shake hands with our selected family and our gender. 

We’re exhausted, we’re stuffed, but we’re grand. We’re happy and we smile. We’re sad and sometimes we cried.

The first three days of Eid is packed. House hopping, snack binge-ing and sometimes awkward silences. By nightfall, energy dwindles down to the bare minimum before we drop dead on our beds or on the living room sofa. Sometimes I forgot to wash my makeup off. But It didn’t get into my face. I usually applied my daily cream with a little bit of eyeshadow. To complete the look, I add blush to my cheek.

Eid Make up with essence
as you all would know, I’m not the makeup type of girl but every time I accompany my sister to do makeup shopping. I will definitely spend more money on makeup than my sister does. I just can’t help not buying my favourite makeup brand. I think I’m going to do a review on the brand next post. Insha Allah.

That’s it. That was my first three days of Eid. I end this post with the greatest three words, Selamat Hari Raya everyone. I hope you had a wonderful break from hectic life style. The question running in my mine is ‘what am I going to wear for school raya celebration, any thoughts?’
How was your first three days of Eid?

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