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​Life | In May, May In Life

It’s time for me to talk (or write) about things in May. Oh May! Where can I start? May is just prefect month for me to learn and know that life have it’s own purpose. Purpose of life. Still haven’t discover my purpose but I know what I am destined to do. We just have to wait for the future. I know that this blog will be always in my present.

Let’s read my May in Life starting with…

Health | well, I thought I am healthy enough but I just discovered that I am not really that healthy. I can’t even do twenty pushups. So embarrassing. Yes, some people would say I am healthy because I’m not that big in size. I’m not overweight. I’m not normal weight. I’m underweight which is not really good. When I do my shopping, it’s very hard to find my size cause I really need an extra small size. 

If you are wondering, why am I so small in size? It’s not because of running or any active sport. I love sport but I’m lazy. I don’t like to sweat myself. So what I do to replace running is something that I really love. I do it every single day. I’d dance. Yes, I do random dancing just like Icarly. Love that show. When I was a little girl, I watched dancing movie and try to do the things they do. Fyi, I’m not flexible. I wish I am. I’m still trying. 

I did spinning for the first thing. Let me thanks my sisters to let me join them for their spinning class. You guys can read it more HERE.

School | I don’t want to stress this topic much. Cause I’m alreally stressed about my result and my up coming exam in July, few days after school raya reopen. Wish me luck! So that’s all about school I think cause school is not fashion related. I can’t really related school and fashion. School will help my ambition dreams. So I have to accept the help and do my best. Insha Allah I will get what I want.

When I started blogging, people started to give amazing thoughts to me. Giving me advice that I never ask for. Giving support in something I don’t ask them to do. People think I want to be fashion designer. Yes, that’s my dream. But I’m not confident about doing that first. Cause if you want be fashion designer, you need money to open your business. I don’t study business. Just to let you know I have another dream which people doesn’t expect me to be. I’m not sure if I should exposed my dream job in my blog because I want to keep it as a secret. Just expect the unexpected. Maybe after few years of working as what I’m expect to be then I will start to do my own brand label just like Raja Nadia Sabrina.

FashionValet | Speaking of Raja Nadia Sabrina. I just want to write about FashionValet which you can also read Here and Here.

FashionValet in Brunei is just an amazing most beautiful event or popup store in Brunei. Bruneian just can’t get enough of FashionValet. There’s thousands of FV boxes to be delivered. Offline and online shopping are just the same. Feeling of joy come when you touch your FV purchases.

Ramadan Al Kareem | it’s the 10th day of Ramadan. So sekajap!! It’s like few days until Raya. We are kinda preparing for raya. Just super excited. Will blog on Raya preparation. Insha Allah.

So, My Ramadan is..  I don’t know. It’s just like normal day. Well, I learn how to cook. Do some cleaning which make me tired. Every day, I have to do my homework. I know it’s only two weeks more until holiday. Homework keep me up every day. Just can’t wait for holiday. Holiday to just study and not do homework. Holiday to do things I want to do, that is sleep. I need sleep. Everyone does. You will definitely agree with me.

My May in Life has come to an end. Thanks for reading and to the reader who is fasting, keep it up until the end. I love fasting. It test myself through food. What food do you want to eat later. I’m starving for Tom Yam Seafood. Something spicy. I better stop there. Okay love!! See Ya!! Love to hear anything from you all!

How’s fasting so far?


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