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Last Day of FashionValet in Brunei ’17

FashionValet knows me very well. Okay! This post is basically on what I did for the last few hours of FV in Brunei ’17. This post is kinda dedicated to my beloved father. Thank you Dad and Happy (Belated) Birthday!

This is just a short blog post cause I don’t know how to express this feeling of joy. I apologize for advanced.

On the 31st of May, The last day of FashionValet in Brunei.

Early in the morning, I told my family that FashionValet was having a discount (selected brands) for the last day in brunei and that Vivy Yusof is going to be there too. Well, everyone was busy with their own business and doesn’t really care to what I’d just said to them. I’m just positive that they heard me cause I was really loud. Too loud.

Sadly, No one want to go there. No One. So I’d decided to text my friend (Pastel.bits) to update about FashionValet popup store and she sent me pictures. My favorite picture is down below. 

Just before berbuka, my father asked me an amazing most beautiful question. 

Do you want to go to Empire?

I was like “You got to be kidding?!”. Of course I will say YES to FashionValet. Who say No to shopping right. Rezeki Bulan Ramadan Kata Kan.

We were there at exactly 8pm. Guess what? We saw Vivy coming down the escalator. My mother is amazed to see her in person. She’s the one who’s excited to see Vivy. I’m not joking. We didn’t get the chance to take picture with her cause we didn’t see her inside the popup store. My mother really want to meet her. Like seriously.

There’s a lot of brands to choose from. My mum was having a hard time to choose her Baju Raya. I know what I want already and same goes to both of my sisters. Choosing and making the decision. Every minute count. I found my clothes already with in 30 minutes. Just go and grab. I just need to find sale person to get my size. My mother was waving to someone who work there. I don’t really know until he approach us. My mother gave me the look to talk to him.

Fadza : Yes.. How can I help you?

Me : hmm.. ( what do I want him to do? I don’t remember)

Fadza : Do you want me to put it at the cashier?

Me : Oh No! I want this in my size.

Fadza : *waving to sale girl*

I told the sale girl what I want. I have 4 clothes in my hands and I explained to her very fast. She told me to repeat myself. Sorry for my fast but small voice.
My mother don’t know that the guy is Vivy Yusof’s Husband. She said he look good in real life. He’s the CEO of FashionValet. CEO that look like a regular FV seller. My mother can’t even tell the difference. 

After we tried some clothes and deciding which one or more to purchase. So Decision Made. We went straight to the cashier before we change our mind. Sorry to the people behind us. We took more than 15minutes in the counter. We had wonderful talk with the fv workers. Laughing and telling. 

With Tasha. Now my mother knows why I really love Tasha. She’s beautiful, funny and super nice. She’s also polite and humble.

Mum : My daughter always come here and she told me alot about you.

Tasha : oh really! (Looking at me) Do you want to shop more before you go?

We all started to laugh.

Me : *laughing* it’s okay I think I had enough ( Guess how many fv bags on our hands? ) 

We exchanged Goodbye and Thank you. 

There’s a guy who’s also FV worker. if I’m not mistaken, he’s name is Azam. I just want to say Thank You for his warm talk with us. He even explain the eid envelop and the duck eid card. He’s the one who folded our clothes and put it in the bags. I don’t know how to express the thankfulness. He’d work so super in Brunei. Thank You Alot!

We were there for two hours. Wow. That took alot of time. I just adore FashionValet so much. Looking forward for FashionValet in Brunei again. I want to vividly remember my moments with FashionValet.

Curious of what we bought? Wait until Raya then. I will be posting alot on my instagram, so make sure to follow me on instagram at Starvingforfashion. Before I end this, I apologize for my writing skills and my grammar. I’m still and always be that typical Brunei. If your new here, please do read my about page to get to know starvingforfashion blog.
Bye lovers until Next Time! I’m off to admiring my baju raya!

What did you bought at FV in Brunei ’17?


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