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Dear Ramadan,

Dear Ramadan, 

You came early this year. I’m happy, thanks to you! No School for a day! That’s the great thing about fasting month and my thoughts on Ramadan. But first I want to tell you Ramadan that…

I’ve missed you tremendously.

You are the month full of knowledge and realization. Your like a teacher who teach me for 30 days, every year. Learning and discovering my history of life. History of my religion. I will keep learning and I will forever. Not just in Ramadan but in other month also. Let Ramadan be the first.

During Ramadhan, we count our blessings and forgive those who wrong us. It’s usually a wake-up call to remind us that we’re human, and that while we’re flawed, we’re still good. We’re lucky to have what we have. I’ve got a great family, great friends, a great life. Not many people realize their great things in life but I realized that a long time ago.

You are the light to all Muslim.

Muslims fast from dawn till’ dusk. We go without food or drinks for 30 days. It sounds exhausting, but I’ve been doing this for eight years or so. It has become something I look forward to every year. For the next 30 days, I don’t eat, I don’t drink and I try to be good. Better than I am. Will try to be.

Why do we have to fast?

We do it to feel the lives of the unfortunate, to be closer to God, to be one with ourselves. Fasting is a part of our life. Fasting not only for food and drink. Fasting from our bad attitude and bad things that lead us away from our creator. Let Ramadan bring us back to our creator.

Life can be unfair. We have to know Allah is fair. It’s just life not the creator. I’m here living in my life that is full with my needs. Some people said I live in a luxurious life. I think I am because I realized that I have my needs in life. I go home and know what to eat. What to do. Without feeling the pain to find food. There’s people out there who is suffering for life and their need. Look at me, living in an easy life. As Ramadan is here, Allah will grant our prayers. I will pray for everyone’s life. Not just Muslim. Everyone. To live life in peace and harmony. To get what they want.

I hope this Ramadan can change not only me but everyone. Into someone better. To get closer to our creator. To realize the purpose of living. Don’t forget to do good things in this unforgettable month. Do good and learn something good. Bring it for the next Ramadan.

That said, I wish you happy Ramadan.


5 thoughts on “Dear Ramadan,

  1. Dear Haziqah! I am surprised at how well you have written this post even though you are so young. May Allah bless you and make Ramadan a month of blessing for you.


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