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Life | Sweet And Cute

I’m alone at last. I’ve been walking around empire hotel with my uncomfortable high heels. I found a place to blog. Finally. 

So, my brother left without me. I’m here by myself. I’d decided to find a spot where I can be alone. I am really scared of the world. I don’t know anyone. I found a peaceful place to blog with an outstanding beautiful view of the sunset and there is also two lift. Everytime I saw someone walking to the lift. I just pretend I don’t see them. I saw veendee went up and then the raja nadia. I also saw Fadza . He gave me a warm smile. He look very tried. He sure can fake it. I was toooo tired to stand up and put my shoe on. I’ll let him be. I wanted to give him Vivy’s gift but maybe it’s not the right time.

Let’s me start, I’m feeling under the weather. I’m not feeling good. I had less sleep. I can’t sleep well at night. Lots of school work to do, unfinish work and projects to be present. As you can see my face in the pictures below, my eyes is so dark. I didn’t wear make up. My lip are pale. I’m also thirsty. I don’t really want to go to empire 
But I did.

Bro : What time does it start?

Me :  At 5pm but if you bring your bibd credit card. They let you in before 5pm.

Bro : why are we early? I didn’t bring my credit card.

Me : nothing

Bro : how about that?

Me : that’s the tea party. Only for invited people.

Bro : why aren’t you invited? *laughed*

Me : *why did I bring him?*

Oh Ya Gooodness. I’m starstruck once again. Vivy just came out from the lift. She smile at me. What.. I have a gift for her. *Running* They are so fast. I’m running in my heels right now. You can imagine it.

Yes.. I stop vivy and gave her the gift. Can you see that little box on her right hand? That’s the gift, just a simple gift from a simple girl. 

That’s so sweet of you

She said I’m sweet

So, I want to take a selfie with her but my hand was shaking from running. I asked Fadza to take it. I really appreciate it Fadza. He’s so nice and charming as my friends will say. Well, he is charming. I took a selfie with him for my friend. I don’t have that feeling of excited to meet him. He’s just a good looking guy who work hard for his family. I respect him!

I’m typing while waiting for my ride, just for your information. Vivy, iman and fadza look very tired. 

One by one, vivy have to stand up for her fan. She did alot of stand and sit excersice. She must be tired. Iman is there too. Iman refused everytime someone ask for pictures with her. She also refused when I asked her. That’s why I don’t have a picture with her. Fadza just sit there looking at his wife doing her job and typing on his phone most of the time. 

Let’s continue my story. I’m so distracted by them. Where am I? Okay!

I was following my brother from behind. He walked twice then I am. Suddenly he stopped and said, ‘what are you doing? I’m just taking a walk. I meet you inside’ in malay. He don’t usually use english. I went back inside went up the escalator. The tea party was over by the time I went up. So I saw familiar faces. I saw Raja Nadia Sabrina with Ajeeratul ( jeeradoesfashion) and his instagram husband who is now one of the professional photographer in Brunei. Nabeela of Lipstickmyname and Zahra of therosiegrammar were also there too. I was really scared to approach them. I seriously don’t know why. I think I look so weird when I directly look at lipstickmyname doing her ootd. She’s so fun to look at. Now I know how to do an awesome ootd like hers. I think I was like stalker. Don’t wrong guys, I’m not a stalker. I’m just an average fan. Then, I looked at Zahra and our eyes meet. I freaked out a little but I tried to play it cool by walking away. She freaked me out. I’m also a fan of her. I hope she doesn’t recognize me. I’d once email her. I just hope she doesn’t recognize me. 

So, I went down stairs to sit down. My heels are killing me. I was hoping to meet my brother down there but he was still missing. Maybe he left me here, alone. That can’t happened! I wish not. I saw deecups walk pass me. I was like, ‘oh my! She’s really beautiful’. Got to be honest, she look like one of my english teacher. I was brave enough to approach her. She was talking to someone. It’s Jaja.. or is it Dada. I don’t know which one who. Now I know. 

“Can I take a picture with you?”, I said while looking at Jaja and she gave an agree expression. Deecup said she’s willing to take it. I was think of just doing selfie but I love do it to be taken by someone. Thank you Deecups for this memorable pictures. I apologize if I was bossy. Haha.. hope I’m not.

I found her twin in the pop up store. They’re both so friendly and polite. I was super shy to talk to them. I just can’t believe I meet them. They are the twin that I really really really want to meet. Wish is granted!
Next up, deeecups! The amazing girl behind FashionValet who I look up too. She’s just nice to talk too. I love her voice. Everytime she talked, it blew me away. After she gave me the phone, I gave it to jaja and asked if she can take a picture of me with deeecups. I think I was bossy. I hope I’m not rude by doing that. I just don’t want to let go this opportunity. I don’t know when is the time I will meet them. Who doesn’t want to take pictures with deeecups. Just adore her.

My eyes was locked on the camera. There was two ladies standing next to Jaja. She looked very familiar. 

You’re a blogger, right?

I know that voice. it’s… it’s.. it can’t be. OMG, YA ALLAH. It’s really her. It’s Raja Nadia Sabrina. I must be dreaming. Is this a dream?

This is not a dream, ziqah. This is reality. This is real. Be cool. Just don’t talk. Your throat change your voice. Just speak when needed. I look at her directly in the eyes and I replied, ‘Yes’. So, I told Jaja that I also want to take pictures with THE Raja Nadia Sabrina. I was standing next to Raja Nadia Sabrina. The Raja Nadia Sabrina. I can’t breath. I need air. I need aere. Somebody pinch me already.

Me : *Smiling for the camera*

Nadia : Look at her. So cute. How old are you?

Me : 15 *I don’t even remember my age. Lol. I’m about to turn 16 this year*

Deecup : Oh Wow. (I love when she said that two words)

Nadia : You did blogged about aere. 

Me : Yes, I did.

Nadia : She’s wearing aere. How cute

Me : *still smiling. Be cool.*

“Keep on blogging”, said Raja Nadia Sabrina. Three simple words that is very meaningful to me. She also said something after that but I can’t recall because I was frozen. I can’t speak properly. My tough was unwilling to move. It started to move to said something about aere. I just can’t remember the words came out from my mouth but I know every is good things. It’s just unorganized sentences. I hope to meet her again. I’m in love with her passion throughs her works and words in her blog. Being her fan since 2014, the year for aere. I will always remember you, Nadia.
Here’s some pictures I took. I don’t know how to take beautiful pictures

My sweet and cute moment in life with my most favorite blogger. Will love and support them always.

That’s all about my Surprise Sunday. This is all written on May 21st, The day this happened. Still amazed by Raja Nadia Sabrina. I just adore her so much! See ya in the next post! The end


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