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With Nur Iman | What if… 


What if…

What if… you go to sleep, and that would be your last breath.

What if… you go to school, and that would be your last time seeing your family as you walk out of your house.

What if… you are reading this and this would be the last thing you would read.

The question is, have you done enough?

Have you finished all your responsibilities as a Muslim?


What if… you died while you were bad mouthing someone?

What if… you died while doing a sin?


Question yourself that.


What if… your life was taken during Sujood?

What if… your last breathe was in a masjid or even in Makkah?

What if… your last act was giving charity to someone?


Khusnol Khotimah… SubhanaAllah


Just what if…

All your act matters. Every single of it.

Watch what you say, be cautious of what you do. 

It might be your last.


Nur Iman.

The end of Nur Iman’s writing and let me write a little bit in this post.

​This is my statement, not because of ripple or indication but proud. I’m a blogger who happens to be Muslim. I am a Muslim Blogger. I don’t blog about islam but I blog in Islamic way.

Nur Iman is also a blogger and she is a Muslim Blogger. Nur Iman is an anonymous to me. She emailed me about my curiosity on one simple question and she totally blew me away with it. And here is she now, helping me discover Islamic even further. My monthly Guest Blogger at Starvingforfashion is Nur Iman. She will be posting contents every first monday of the month. I hope this collaboration will continue in the future and bring inspiration to us, who is proud to call themselves, Muslim.

I want to thank Nur Iman for every of her entry. Being my first guess blogger on starvingforfashion. I really appreciate her writing in starvingforfashion. She inspired me alot. Truly alot. I’m sorry to say.. that this is the last entry for my guess blogger. This is the last entry for Nur Iman. I am sorry about this Nur Iman. I apologize. Insha Allah in the future, I will continue this guess blogger section. I been busy with exam and life. I hope you all will understand. To the reader who adore this blog post with Nur Iman. Don’t worry, you can still read Nur Iman writing at her blog [HERE]. Please pray for something good for us both. The way we pray for our beloved readers. Support us like you all ways do and remember who we are. The people who is proud to call themselves, Muslim.


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