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Spinning For Real

I thought my sister was joking about bringing me at her spinning class. She insisted I join them. Day by day, I was thinking about spinning class. Thinking the feedback I will get. Asking my friend about what she knows about spinning. Here I am writing about my first ever spinning class and fashion related life.

Picture after spinning begin. My sister said I need two bottles of drinks, for beginners like me. 100 plus is obligation for me in sport activity. I love the original 100 plus and I don’t like berry 100 plus because it’s tasteless for me. I don’t about you, I truly into original favour.

I’m sorry for my sweaty face. I never sweat this much. Spinning was awesome. Spinning is like riding a bicycle. This is true confession, I seriously don’t know how to ride a bicycle. I never ride a bicycle by myself. Crazy right? I know, my friends was so shock about this confession. 

This activity was on Brunei family day, 7th May. The spinning class was at SpinDate [ You can find them on instagram, click HERE ].

I didn’t get to take pictures as I expect I would. My sister took my phone away from me, so I can focus on my spinning. I apologize for lack of pictures. We took a lot of pictures after the spinning. We took group photo and family photo. Well to be precise cousin photo plus my two active aunties. I can’t post pictures without their permission. So, no group photo then. I really enjoyed the day with them. Sunday that you were supposed to spend with your family. It was family day but my parents were out of town that time. I got to spend my family day with my cousins. Which I will never forget. I’m not the only beginner, my brother and my cousin who is one year older than me are also a beginner. It was really tiring. We all sweat alot. I am still impressed with my brother. He was like an expert on spinning. He didn’t feel any pain that day or the next day. I’m glad to have a soldier as a brother but he can’t take clear pictures. The pictures up there is taken by your truly. The picture with me in it was taken by my brother. It’s super blurry man!

Next up fashion related lifestyle. Every pictures was taken by my loyal photographer sister. Credit goes to her.

I don’t do sport activity outside school. I’m lack with sport outfit. I’m lucky to have sister with sport outfit. She’s really active. People expect me to be like her when I grow up. Good in sport. She played hokey and netball in high school and primary school. She won alot of certificate and metals. I should be proud of her but she sometimes made my life miserable. Once the teacher know that she is my sister, they asked me to do every activity she did. I’m not interested in sport but I’m interested to live in a healthy life as hers.

In this outfit, I was wearing my easy to go black hijab. On me are seed short sleeve grey shirt and with the help of black long sleeve to cover my arms. This shirt is telling a story about me that day. What will I do. I don’t want to do anything. Absolutely nothing. But my sister didn’t get my message. That mean, spinning for real. As for my leg, I dress it with my sister’s thigh pants and thanks to this mini skirt to hide my cutest. Feeling insecure wearing this outfit. I don’t know when is the last time I wear outfit like this. I don’t really want to wear that shoe. I was in a hurry, so I just took my sport school shoe. With this shoe, as my witness to spinning. Adidas never let me down. Adidas just make me want to jump.

Look at that expression. I was so overjoyed after the spinning. I even jumped to express my feelings to my cousins. Screaming the sentence I feel awesome! . Guess Again…

Dear after spinning Haziqah, you look so happy that you survive spinning without feeling any pain. But to be honest it hurts the next day. I started to feel the pain when I went up to my classroom at the 3rd floor. I thought it was just a simple pain but it’s not. It hurts when you walk, you can’t even jump. It’s absolutely painful. The pain remain me of my first tryout for Karate Club. I tried it for only one day and i didn’t think twice about my decision. I’m positive that I can’t join that club. The pain is extremely painful. With this pain, I can’t go out. I’m currently on my lazy bed watching another new drama, My Secret Love. Avoiding my family who are probably laughing about me. Family can be annoying. 

I’m looking forward for the next spinning class. Wish this can be my routine. Lesson to be learned is we have to do exercise every single day. We should live in a healthy life. I should live in a healthy life. Changing my lifestyle from now on. 
Any one want to join me for the next spinning?


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