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Life | In April, April in life

Nope. I didn’t abandon my blog and my instagram. It’s just, life is never getting easy but easy is never always difficult to do. I’m grateful to be back on my blog. I had another blog break (which I never thought I will) with instagram break for the past couple of weeks. I didn’t post any pictures on instagram because there is no good picture to post to match my instagram feed. [ Follow me on instagram click HERE ]

So, I’m back again with another entry for month in life. As usual for every entry of month in life. I will be writing about the month. Goods and bads. Ups and downs.
Here are five things that I will remember in April 

Expect something unexpected |  

I am very pleased to meet Vivy the other day. I never felt so starstruck in my life. Standing next to her feel like I was from another earth. Never feel so amazed. As for her PA, Iman,  She’s really friendly and down to earth. I didn’t expect to meet her at McDonald’s that night. I was too shy to go to her but I don’t want to be shy. I know I’m brave enough to go to her and I did. I also meet Atty Yusof. She’s the girl behind dUCk but she’s not D of course. I was excited to meet Tasha cause I know she will be there. I staked her that night. Seeing her doing her job as the cashier. All of them are Malaysian. I also meet my crush bruneian girl, Alwani also known as bits of classy. I also get to meet her personal photographer who made her pictures as unforgettable and fabulous.

You can read more about this at my previous blog post here [ in I didn’t expect to meet them] 

Study with tears |

 The past few days I cried alot. Every single night, not because of stress. It’s because I’m afraid of failing all over again. I didn’t have enough of sleep, thinking what to do and what to prepare for the exam. Life as a student can be tiring. You all can agree with me on this. I’m not going to talk much about this because I’m afraid to cried while writing this. Become too emotional maybe.

Last night I had my english olevel paper one. I’m tired. The paper ended very late. It past my bed time. Well, I have to do everything for the future. Today, I didn’t attend school because my parents have to go to kota kinabalu for two wedding event. I’m home alone with my brother who is minding his own business. I decided to blog on my day off.

Welcome to the family |

On the 7th April, My dear cat become a mother of three kitten on earth and one in heaven. I’m proud to present to you my new family member. Starting from the mother that we named Oreo and now there’s mini Oreo. We still haven’t decided the names but my family seems to agree with my brother. My brother call the pure white one as miky and the white with two black spot as mige. I don’t know how to spell the name. As for the black one, we all agree to name it Obama because my father think of it’s a great name.

Tomorrow, they will be one month year old. Super proud for Oreo and she really didn’t expect to gave birth. She was shocked to see kittens came out from her. She did a great job on feeding and cleaning them. She’s a great mother. It will be mother day soon. Will blog about that.

Here are some pictures I took.

Brother’s Birthday |
Let me introduce to you to my one and only brother. His my hero (but he never save my life. He save the country. Save our beloved Brunei)

In my heart, I really truly adore Korean Drama. I’m still addicted to every drama I watched. My brother remain me of the hero in Descendent of the sun. Wanna know why? Because during the hot season of descendents of the sun, my brother was doing his training as the Brunei Army. I even watch every episode with him (which he always say, ‘korea saja ni’. Whatever bro!)

I even bought three pair of socks with song jong ki character on it. For your information, I have maybe ten pairs of character socks.

Happy 22th Birthday my charming outstanding guy in the world. My one and only brother. I wish you live in a healthy life and be with someone you will bring to jannah which you haven’t find that one. I wish you all the best. I’m your youngest sister but I will always be your reminder. I think I shouldn’t give advice to you because I’m younger than you but this advice is really important. My advice is to sleep early for work and don’t forget to wake-up early for work. Cause you always wake up late for work. I have to wake-up you every work day at the wrong wake-up time and you didn’t even say ‘Thank you for the wake-up call’ instead you said ‘I’m late again’. So remember, it’s not my fault that you are late. I wish we will be together forever and I love you with my heart. Your addicted to doing Live on Facebook and instagram, I don’t think you have lots of viewers but you have alot of follower on instagram than me.

OOTD | Pretty in Black

Few weeks ago, I was forced to watch a movie from the eighties [ Pretty in Pink ]. I was inspired by the title of the movie to dress all in pink but end up in black. I just realized I don’t have Pink clothes in my closet. Adding pink in my list to shop.
I been using sport shoe lately. No high heels this time. My feet is comfortable with sport shoe. Speaking of sport shoe. My sister ask me to join them with their spinning class which I didn’t agree at first until she said 

Look at you. You have to live a healthy balance life. You told me that you are underweight.

Yes, I know I’m not a healthy type of person. I gave up on sport since the fifth grade. I do simple sport like running but I didn’t run to win anything. I did hiking at Tasek Lama last year which was really tiring and absolutely breathtaking.
I’m really excited for tomorrow. Sunday full with event. Going to hang out with my friends to celebrate Ayda’s birthday. I think we will celebrate at Nerdy. Will do a review on that cafe. After the hangout, I will be spinning with my siblings and cousins. It’s been awhile since the last cousin day out. Looking forward for it. Will blog about it tomorrow and stay tune on my instagram.

That’s all. Enjoy your weekend with your love ones.


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