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That is so me

I’m so excited to blog about the unexpected day of exam and I hope you are too. I’m suppose to study my exam right now but I think that can wait. I need some rest after the unexpected day with exam. Life is never getting easy. Maybe one day, I just can’t read the future. So, I did my malay exam few days ago. I didn’t manage to finish it on time but I know it will be fine (with the willing of Allah). Just for you knowledge, I write mostly in English but not the fancy English like the other bloggers use. I write what I think is good to read but I can improve it for the future of Starvingforfashion. Will do. In real life, I speak in malay (bruneian standard malay with the mix of english) mostly. If you meet me or talk to me, please aware that my pronunciation is a little weird. Sometimes, you can’t understand what I am saying. I deeply apologize for my pronunciation.

Let’s get to my blog post. Still feeling the excitement.

I don’t want to bored you with my malay paper but I want to tell you about my oral exam for English. I feel so blessed for that oral. Let me tell you all about it. I want to remember that day forever. That day, I didn’t feel anything for English oral. I wasn’t nervous or excited. I was nothing. Zero feelings. Not feeling normal maybe. Or maybe crazy. I don’t know. My mind was lost cause I expect to talk about something that I really don’t want to talk about. But just expect the unexpected.
I didn’t expect my topic will be something I love. Something that is related with my passion. At the beginning, I expect the topic to be ‘Museum’ which my friend got it after I did my oral. I feel sorry for her but I know she did great that me.

Wanna know my topic?

My topic is fashion related which is very exciting to talk about. Super extremely excited. My topic is on clothes and color. I have alot to talk about on clothes but not that much on color. I’m not an expert in color.

I will tell you everything. Let start with my friend. I was waiting outside the room and then she come out very relieve. I asked her about her topic and she said to me.

‘Amal! If you get clothes and color. You will be great. You love clothes jua! You can talk about fashion and your blog maybe. Goodluck mal!’

I was like, ‘Will I?’ And yes, I got that topic. I told you in the beginning. So, there’s no surprise.

I greeted the examiner politely. It’s not a trick to get extra marks. She told me what is she going to do and the important part is that she was recording our conversation. It felt like three people in the room. I’m not scared of the examiner, I’m terrified of the recorder. That thing will recorded every word I said. Which is a litte weird for me at the same time. I prayed for my mouth.

We started the oral or I like to say conversation, with the warming talk. She asked us something that she knows related to us. I was so ready to answer the warming question. But when she said, ‘Amal, you live in kampong (name), correct? And how is that like living there?’. To be honest, I don’t know anything about my kampong but I know I have to say something about kampong. I tell her about my father relationship with the neighbor. My father have that spirit to be connected with others. His priority is to be connected with others. I told her what my father did with the neighbors -They go the hill around our house and they will find animal (once there was deers and I felt so connected with it through the eyes. Will always remember that dear. This happened around two years ago but now they become fishermen friends ( excluded my father because he’s busy with work and business). Lol, Fishermen friends remain me of that candy.

Now fashion talk (mostly on clothes and color)

Tell me when you are ready to talk?

‘Do not look her in the eyes when you are not ready’ said my mind. Staring at the paper while my mind is wondering. I only took two minutes to think about what I’m going to say. I advice you, don’t do as me. Take your precious time to think the three main point and be organized before you speak. When you start, never stop until the examiner told you to. Keep talking no matter what

I’m ready

I shouldn’t had said that. Now I can’t take that back. Never feel regret, everything is a blessing. Insha Allah
The examiner questioned me, ‘What do you want to talk based on your topic and what is your favorite clothes and color?’

What is clothes? Clothes to me is not just what you wear on our body or to cover our aurat for Muslim. I think it is more than that. My favorite clothing brand is aere. I follow aere since day one. I know what they present. What aere brand stand for. I have to know what clothes I am wearing. What fabric am I wearing. The clothes I wear should be comfortable to wear and can cover my aurat cause I don’t like to expose my skin to the sun. The quality of the fabric is important.

aere fabric is comfortable and suitable in Brunei but as for their skirt, it is not just one layer, it’s more that one. White I love about aere. aere is mix and match for me. My style is also mix and match. I love to mix and match. There’s this one day, I wear my brother’s black t-shirt with my sister’s lather jacket

‘How about colour? Maybe color flags’, said the examiner.

There’s alot of colour in our world. My favorite is pastel colour. Everything pastel got my favorite. To be specific, my favorite is purple. Wait no, violet. I love violet.

The definition of color. So, Brunei flag have five colours -White, red, black, yellow and the other one I can’t remember. White is pure, clean and untouched. Like Brunei, we don’t have wars and the other violent stuff. As for Red, it’s very attractive. That’s my definition on red. Black is also attractive. It’s one of a kind. Black to show brave in darkness. We are the black good knights. My favorite color in Brunei flag is yellow. Yellow is so bright, attractive and just too beautiful. It show royalty and loyalty.

After the oral, I realized that Brunei flag only have 4 colours. I don’t why I said five. My God. Lol. I’m a Bruneian, how can I forget.

The oral took around 15 minutes to finish. The longest 15 minutes in my life. I survive the oral and hope I did well. I proud that I made the examiner laughed. She laughed at my mix and match style and almost everything. Good laughed.. I talked to much (I think lah) and I just remember the good part, the ones I write here, everything is honest writing and as for the regret talk, I will remember it. I don’t want share it cause I feel a little embarrassed about it. Lol but all great stuff. I even talk about duck scarves at the colours part.

The topic is so me. ‘This is so me’ said myself in the dark pink heart. I mean red heart.

What I did at home..

Everyone experienced this, the time when you say ‘Why didn’t I say this that time’. After the oral, I went home and suddenly I talked to myself in the mirror about clothes and color.

Why didn’t I say this during the oral talk?

The end of my story. This is longer than my english composition. By the way, Thanks for reading about my life that is maybe fashion related. Write you away with my future blog post and hope you love my blog so far. I’m Haziqah Hassan, living as starvingforfashion. Fashion never get out of style.


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  1. Thank you Amal, for visiting my site and liking the review, Tanamera. Your site is beautiful, dynamic and very professional.Your English is also of a high standard,
    You are are very talented young lady and I know that you will accomplish your dreams.


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