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The Thoughts on aere

I shouldn’t be blogging today but my heart is full with excitement for this topic. On my first day of exam, I had my English paper exam. My hand was struggling to write. I always type every time I do my work and now, I know I need to write more with my hand. This hand need some exercises. Will do the exercises as soon as I finish this blog post. 

I was pretty nervous the first day. It’s normal to be nervous for exam. I told myself to take a deep breath and then I thought about the air. I can’t see the air but I can feel it.

So.. I did some research on air and I ended up thinking of my favorite brand,aere. Aere is the latin word for air. What a creative brand name. Now here I am blogging my thoughts on aere.

What is aere?

is the latin word for air. Like a pure gentle breeze or a gust of cooling wind. Aere aims to provide relaxed elegant and charm to suit your quirks and idiosyncrasies.

The aere is so soft. I fall in love with the name. I follow aere since day one. Trust me on this, I do follow them before I am that interested in fashion. The clothes is just so mind blowing. I love aere‘s details and fabric. aere‘s signature is incredible.

Who created aere?

Raja Nadia Sabrina, a former lawyer, (she also has a popular blog) created the label- aere in October 2014. The founder and creative director of aere.

Picture are from Raja Nadia Sabrina’s blog

You maybe know that I admire Vivy Yusof so much. I also admire others before I know Vivy. I know Raja Nadia Sabrina before I know Vivy Yusof. Shocking! Yes.. I know. I started to do research on Vivy Yusof when I saw her in Love,Vivy commercial (The time when she said, ‘Hi! I’m kim Kardashian’ that really got my attention). Here I want to say, I will always and forever admire Nadia Sabrina. She’s very strong women and independent. She know what other women wants. 
Aere became quite a hit, winning the best womenswear collection award at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) 2015 for the first ever aere fashion show. As for aere ‘s second fashion show at KLFW 2016 on 17th August with the Hope collection which Is my most favorite collection. Wait! Every aere collection is my favorite.

Where there is hope. There will always be light.

For 2017,
aere latest collection is Love collection. The LOVE collection was first showcased in Indonesia at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 and then the LOVE pieces were exhibited in London at the Pure London show. Modvier also brought aere’s LOVE pieces for an exhibition in Brunei (my country) at the Modest Fashion Network event. I didn’t went to the exhibition because of my exam that time. Please come back!, and last but not the least, aere had their first ever exclusive styling session in collaboration with FashionValet’s Singapore store joined by Singaporean stylist Camira Asrori. Which I watched it on aere’s instastory.

From Jakarta, to London, to Brunei, Singpaore and then lastly back to Malaysia.

Only for the Bruneian dynamic duo, photographer and stylist, Izzy Osman and Ajeera Abdullah. They work with aere for LOVE campaign shoot. I’m so proud of them! Speechless to be honest.

Guys! I have my eyes on this jumpsuit. In love with it. I have to wait for my allowances to reach the price cause I already spend my parent’s money on exam and I spent most of my allowances on food, dear cube in front of my school, please don’t sell that delicious food that is really expensive but worth the taste. If my family is reading this ( I don’t think they read my blog) , I want that jumpsuit. I need that jumpsuit. It’s available at . If you are kind enough to buy me that jumpsuit, I will definitely accept it ( Lol, I dream alot)

Screenshot pictures from

Here are my aere that I bought at FashionValet clearance sale in Brunei. I wore it to the royal duck public viewing (in my previous blog post)

Yes, that is true. I’m the size S. It’s supposed to be size XS. I am petite and as for my sister, she is twice the size as me. That’s why I bought size S, so we can share. I share my stuff, she share her stuff. So I can mix and match with her clothes. We share almost everything, mostly her stuff. If I want to buy something, I have to make sure it comfortable for my sister as well as me. My height is 154cm (I know.. I’m short. I still can work that out until I’m 18) and my sister is less than an inch than me. I think so.. I don’t know. The skirt is too long for me but it’s so fun to play with.
Thinking of getting aere this raya. Can’t wait for the raya collection (LIFE collection)

What’s love to me?

Air is the wind and Love is in the air. Love is just like the wind. You can’t see it but you can feel it. The wind travel around the world and so do love. I breathe the air with love.

That’s all of my thoughts on aere will definitely continue this in the future. This is just my little thoughts. Got to go. I have to study for my exam tomorrow. Wish me luck and wear aere!


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