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Life | I didn’t expect to meet them

I never felt so starstruck in my entire life.

Hey duckies!! I’m writing this to all duckies (+my loyal readers). I had another amazing night with my sister. We went to The Royal Duck Public Event to pre-order our Royal Duck scarf.I’m excited to touch the scarf. To be honest, I’m obsessed with the softness of the fabric. I adore it so much.

I’m standing where the princess was standing and hundreds of people too. Lol

I am duck-ed!

Will be an official duck after my sister’s pre-order have arrive. I can’t afford the duck scarf but my sister can. If she’s duckies, I’m also duckies because we sharing almost everything together #clothes #makeup

Can’t wait to see the message from our dearest princess. Super excited!
I don’t have photos of the scarf because I used my phone to video the whole day (I try to edit the video as soon as possible) or should I say I was vloging the whole day. I don’t know how it work. If you haven’t see the new duck scarf limited edition, go to the @theduckgroup instagram account.

Let me tell you something…

I meet people I didn’t expect to meet o

I never thought I would meet up with this gorgeous face.

She know me as starvingforfashion.

I feel awesome if people know me as starvingforfashion, that mean starvingforfashion is more known than me. If you see me in any event, that’s starvingforfashion but if you see as fun young girl, that’s Amal and if you see me as everything, that’s Haziqah.

Nice to finally meet my crush girl @bitsofclassy. I just realize we were wearing Aere. #WearAere
Alwani Zainal, also known as bits of classy is the reason I love to open my instagram and comment on her pictures. Her pictures are pretty breathtaking. She poses so elegant and fun. Maybe because she have her own personal photographer.

Next I meet.. 

Atty Yusof.

This picture mean a thousand words for me. Thanks Atty for giving me a little of your time, to take picture with me. I know she was extremely busy that day and she looked very tried but she still had that ability to smile for the duckies.

Two questions that is always given for Atty are:

  1. Can I take a pictures with you?
  2. where is Vivy Yusof?

Cause most duckies asked that questions including me.
Here comes my favorite picture of them all.

I never felt so starstruck in my entire life. This is the very first time I meet Vivy Yusof. I can’t believe this. I was standing next to The Vivy Yusof. 

I hope I can hug her after Atty captured our pictures together but we didn’t. She said ‘sorry’ to me while her hand was on my shoulder. I almost fall on my knees. I was the last person to take picture with her because she was in a hurry to do something with Fadza. After she apologized to the duckies in the line, Fadza grabbed her hand and said ‘we have to go’. I think they are going to shoot for Love, Vivy.

I wish I can meet her in the future and just talk to her, one to one. I can write one blog post about Vivy Yusof but I want to keep this post simple as possible.
After the event, we went to McDonald for some late night dinner. I met iman there. Yeah!!

 Iman was extremely adorable and sweet. 
Iman and I are in the same team (#TeamAere). We had a mini conversation on Aere. I wish I can express my love to aere on her. So, she can tell Nadia Sabrina that I love aere so much. Will do a post blog to express my love to aere. #ForeverAere

I saved the best for last.

It’s Tasha! This is the second time we meet. She’s beautiful as always. I just love her. I was so happy to see her in Brunei again. I didn’t know that she will come but I know she’s apart from the duck group with Vivy.
I was about to go McDonald, before I stepped out of the Empire Hotel. I remember that I haven’t see Tasha yet. I run and search for Tasha who was at the cashier. I approach her and ask for her permission to take picture with her. After the picture, I said goodbye to her. Without a second after I said that, I run to go out. I heard Tasha said something like ‘I think I know…’

you think you know what Tasha?

Do you remember me?

I hope so cause I always remember you.

Cause my face is easy to remember.

ThrowBack March picture with Tasha. Let’s meet again next month!

I meet five gorgeous amazing ladies in one night. 

The End of my writing. Well, I did vlog on my day to the event. I’m still editing the video and I have to divide it into three parts. I hope I can manage it. I have to steal my time to edit and blog. Wish me luck!
My exam is just around the corner. I’m freaking nervous for it,in a good way. I don’t like to show my nervousness or to express it through writing cause it’s not that interesting to read. If I read about nervous, my feeling will change to fear. I just hope I can focus more on my exam.

 I will update you more on my blog than my instagram account. My instagram will be on break for a moment until next month, I guess. I can’t promise you that I blog every week cause I will be having my exam every day. I will squeeze a little of my time to blog. Writing my blog post calm me so much. It release my brain from thinking about life for a moment.

Wish everyone a good month and good luck for the exam people. Stay tune for my upcoming blog post and vlog video.


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