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Life |In March, March in life

I’m back!

I’ve missed blogging so much guys. You don’t know how it felt to stop to do things you love.. or maybe be you do. I used to say I don’t like writing but now, from nowhere… I’m deeply in love with writing. I express my feelings through writing. That’s that make sense. I think so.

So it’s 7th April today. You know what day is today? Well, if you follow me since day one you will know. Let me just get to the point. Today, starvingforfashion blog turn 6 months. I survive as The blogger. The internet said if you survive the first 6 months of blogging, that mean you are the blogger. To be honest, I’m proud of myself. I survive guys. 

To tell you the truth, I had a blog before starvingforfashion. Please don’t ask me what was my blog. It’s still available on the internet. Cause I read it when I think I should improve my writing. The blog is twice horrible than this. My grammar and spelling in the blog was the horrible part. I used an anonymous name to hide my identity. I wasn’t ready to expose my real identity to the world. I write about my life in the blog. No one read it. Sometimes people read it- once a week. Cause my life is not that interesting back than.

After two months of being an anonymous and writing about my life, I decided to stop. To make things clear, I still want to blog but I don’t want to write about my sad uninteresting life. I want to write about something that people can related to. To get readers and to connect people in my life. As the age of 15 hit me so fantastic, I started to be in love with fashion. My interest in fashion is not just curiosity but passion.
Hey April!

It’s not March anymore. It’s Apple April. So let me tell you my March mode. I didn’t do much in march to be honest.

In March, March in life…
Like the other months post, I will list down list of what happened in that month but as for March, I don’t need to list it because I didn’t do much in the months. I will just summarized my march.

I spend most of my time studying and having fun in school. Hanging out with my friend as usual. Doing homework and do some revision. My teachers are absolutely worried about me, I have a lot of topic to chase. They expect more from me and they gave us a lot of work to do. Teacher always. But I adore them so much. Teachers is our hero, my hero. By saying that, doesn’t mean I want to be a teacher in the future. Maybe I would but I will be bad at it. Just saying.. I am horrible at teaching but I’m good in talking.

That’s my March in life. Not so interesting right.. I know. Cause I didn’t go to any event. Let me just call march as madness. March Madness, cause my march was filled with books.

I have prepared alot of blog post for my next blog break. So my blog will stay alive during my break. I will having my prequalifying exam and June Olevel at the same time. I think I will abandoned my instagram that time but my blog will stay alive every Saturday. Stay tune ladies!

 How was your March?


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