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Reasons why to like modesty


It is strongly acknowledged already that we are to cover our aurah. In this matter, women in Islam are stressed on more. Why? Because women in Islam has a bigger priority to cover their aurah then men.

Muslims today, particularly the female, has largely turn the other cheek towards this issue. By far, they have known that it is compulsory to wear modest clothes, and yet majority are still running around without. As far as I am concerned, the only first step that they could actually do is wear the Hijab really.

When given advice on this particular issue, people get bashed for it. “Mind your own business!” they said.

When asked why they are neglectful to cover their aurah,

“It’s not the right time for me.”

“I will soon.”

“Let me enjoy first, then I will wear the Hijab.”

“It’s so old fashioned!”

These common excuses doesn’t really matter because death doesn’t wait for no man.

People dislike being modest. In fact some detest it. Nauzubillahiminzalik.


Me? I love wearing the Hijab. However, I am still struggling to wear modestly.

So, now, I am going to give you several reasons why I like wearing the Hijab and wear modest clothes. In fact, I hope these points might be the reason why you’re going to open your wardrobe and start using the Hijab. Or even they are the same reasons as yours.


1. It protects me.

Yes, that’s right. It protects me. From what? From unwanted eyes that doesn’t need to lay a single glance on this gem. I personally think that it makes me become this invisible person to those who has nafs as their friends. Plus, it protects you from the scorching sun, so it doesn’t make me too tanned. Life hack unlocked!


2.  It represents my religion.

It is well known worldwide that females who wear the Hijab is a person who holds onto Islam. I, as a practicing Muslim, is proud to use the Hijab because it tells people that I am a Muslim. Why wouldn’t you be proud of being the person who holds the most peaceful religion in their heart?


3. It is reserved for certain people only.

You see how important covering your aurah is. I am not trying to offend anyone, but I have a feeling at a certain point, men can get bored when you’re 24/7 wearing ridiculed clothing. The reason why, the aurah is reserved for certain people only. Such like, your parents, your brothers and sisters and your mahram, which is husband and wife. I, at times think the specialty about when you uncover yourself when you get married, like your husband could go MashaAllah at you when you first get married. He’ll eventually get used to it, but you get my point. So, save yourself for those who only deserve to see it.


4. The feeling

I feel special whenever I use the Hijab. Thinking how in Islam, women has a very high standard. We are protected. We have rights. And knowing that, we are protecting ourselves by wearing the Hijab. It’s like a simple fabric, yet it’s really, really important. It’s amazing for me.


5. I look beautiful in it.

Yes, you read that right. I look nice, sweet and beautiful. Not that I’m praising myself, but I notice that women who wears modestly, looks nice to the eyes. It makes me feel calm. As a woman we tend to have the urge to look good but as a Muslim, we need to balance that out. Even if we try to look good, but we need to wear what Allah pleases. So, why don’t you try it, you might as well be twice as much beautiful *wink wink*


So, those are few reasons as to why I love the Hijab. The last one actually was the first time when I tried on the Hijab. The feeling was, SubhanaAllah! I just fell in love with it immediately. I still get the same feeling now. Above all, intentions must be a hundred percent because of, the one and only Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. 

InShaAllah, I hope any of you that read this will find a tinsy bit of a feeling of wanting to try on the Hijab. Those who have, I hope you strive to wear modestly. Bi Iznillah!

FYI, this matter does not exclude men. Men has the same fair share of trying to cover their aurah. Those shorts won’t change into long pants by itself.


Apologies if anything was offending.

May Allah bless all of you.

May Allah be pleased with what I write

Nur Iman


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